Saturday, January 16, 2010

Tenative February Budget

I won't know what a baseline paycheck will be for 2010 until the 29th of January since I'm not too sure how the rise in my health insurance premium will affect my take home pay-- Since that will reduce the amount of cafe cash added to my paycheck and this last paycheck had some holiday hours on it so I can't put it down to a T so I used an on-line paycheck estimator to come up with this.

Paycheck one: 1296.00 a check
Mortgage $828.38
HOA $250.00
Extra Mortgage Principle $60.00
Offering LTG $130.00
Basic House Items $27.62

Paycheck two: 1296.00 a check
Offering LTG $130.00
Christmas Account $50.00
Emergency Fund $100.00
Random unbudgeted Savings $94.00
Eating out/Fun $50.00
gasoline/car $140.00
Groceries & Food $150.00
Insurance Premiums (Car, homeowner, Earthquake) $102.00
Roth IRA $250.00
Utility Bills (Cell, Electric, Internet) $150.00
Piano Lessons $80.00


  1. This is a great article as they all are. I have been wondering wide this for some culture now. Its vast to receive this info. You are fair and balanced.

  2. This is a celebrated article as they all are. I tease been wondering wide this for some culture now. Its vast to grow this info. You are reasonable and balanced.

  3. Just wanted to commend you for stepping it up and allocating 10% for giving! This adds up to a good chunk of money, but I believe there are many rewards to be reaped! We are consistant tithers and are amazed at the blessings we have received and how God has many times made things possible in otherwise impossible situations. Not to mention, giving just feels good!! Glad to hear it and hope that you, too, are blessed!