Saturday, January 16, 2010

Budget mishaps

Apparently I've already gone through my grocery budget for the month... (Except $3.50) and I still have 15 days left...

You don't have to tell me thats not good... The problem (besides building a pantry from scratch since I didn't really have much of anything when January rolled around)is

A) I'm eating healthier-- (no red meat) just poultry & Turkey, & seafood.. and lots of fresh veggies and fruit (some organic)... I'm kind of going mini vegitarian here... But I didn't buy any seafood this month.

B) I'm cooking for more then one... Everytime I've cooked this month, Boyfriend has been at the table and he eats at least 2 times as much as I do, so while I think I'd have leftovers, I didn't which forced me to buy lunch food items since I couldn't rely on leftovers to get me through the week... and since i'm eating healthier, he is eating healthier too, so its more healthier food being bought... and more $$$ being spent.

At least I'm proud to say that nothing went to waste so far. Normally some of my produce gets tossed because it goes bad by the time I get around to it... but thats not the case this time. Tortilla chips that would have gone stale are infact consumed... we actually went through all the flour tortillas that next month i'll get them in costco and freeze half and save some money. (boyfriends new house-- they move later this month since they had to short sale the house and it should close any day now.... is right next to costco.)

Luckily, since all my friends think i'm a broke homeowner (I'm just trying to be really careful till I know my expenses) we have actually just hung in and not gone out and spent any money... so, I do have $50.00 I can dip into to make it through the month if I need to pick up something small... but I told Boyfriend that were going to be eating whats in the house cause the grocery money has been all spent up for the month. I totally have enough groceries for me, since I like eating breakfast for dinner, but boyfriend hates eggs... so i told him to get some sourup at the store so he can have french toast. =)

So i'll be posting a revised budget soon and well see how February works. I did get some Overtime on the paycheck I got on Friday, but i'm trying to save it and not spend it. So I do physically have money to make it through, I just get mad at myself when I go over budget in categories and have to save less then I planned... makes me feel like a bit of a budget failure.


  1. You are definitely NOT a budget failure so don't even think that!!

    Send you BF to the store with a grocery list for ingredients for two casserole meals or chili, etc. It is presumptious for him to think he can eat for free at your house every night considering how 1.) he has poor spending habits himself - based upon what you have written on this blog and 2.) Your budget is based upon feeding one petite(?) fit person as opposed to a grown man with a hearty appetite.

    Now that you are in your own house, you may want to consider defining some boundaries. It may seen hard to do that because it is quite clear you are a nice and caring person, and probably empathetic to his parents situation but that is not YOUR problem - you have worked incredibily hard to get where you are today and that is worth taking pride in - and that WAS because you have been a budget SUCCESS!!! (As you have shared on this blog you have had your share of problems with your own family - and you recognized that and made appropriate and positive changes & decisions.)

    Keep up the good work, & Good Luck!

    PS sourup s/b syrup.
    Bon Appetite!

  2. I know what you mean.

    Boyfriend is actually looking for a better job in the new area that they are going to be living in...

    we kind of talked a little about it last night, but not really. But since we're dating with the intent to marry one day, all of this is kind of important to learn in the grand picture.

    He's planning on doing some grocery shopping after he gets paid so he has some snacks and stuff at my place and will start contributing that way. But yes, a sit down conversation will be in the works, but realistically I know not to really mention anything until after they move into the new place and the job hunt becomes more of a priority since he's still waiting on his contact to be offered at his current job. If they offer him part time and not as a contractor, he'll take it and do the longer drive to work.