Thursday, January 14, 2010

Re-Allocating my 401a

I decided that all future contributions to my 401a would go in my target date retirement fund... and I rebalanced my portfolio so its all target date 2040.

I've been really watching my money this month since I have a few house projects I want to finish this month, so tonight i'll be buying the kitchen knobs for my drawers and cabinets... and some white paint and a toss tarp for the baseboards. After that, Monday I pay the second half on the shutters, and all I need is a kitchen door and track to cover the washing machine area from the kitchen...

after that, everything else is a "want" so i'll consider my place finished. If I have any money leftover after that I may work on some wants (like baking sheets, a spice rack, bathroom mats...) your basic I moved and now I need.....

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