Saturday, October 3, 2009

Yesterday... a re-cap

I drove far away to get 2 parking decals: $50.00

Since the Post Office was not helpful and the HOA could not tell me what mail box was mine, I put my key in all of them till one opened. (I had an hour to kill anyways waiting for my locksmith.) While hunting, a man on the HOA board told me he could look up my unit and tell me which was mine. I later found out he lives on the other side of me. He came back as I found it, figures…

My friend’s dad gave me a great deal on re-keying my place. He re-keyed 4 locks, gave me 4 keys, and had to re drill the door jamb hole for the lock because it didn’t close right… took him around an hour or so, but he only charged me $70.00 (he didn’t charge me for the re-drill of the hole, or fixing my hinges on my door, or the full price he normally charges just for the locks and the like.) Friends are nice =) I’m also keeping his son afloat every month by paying for piano lessons from him. I like his family. They are good people. =)

On my way out I caught my downstairs neighbor… who is also on the HOA board. She’s really nice and an early bird and that is lovely since we both get up at 4 or 5 in the morning (so does the other guy on the HOA board behind me).
Apparently the place was a rental unit… and at one time, 8 kids were living in there with their mom… That’s where the patio damage came from. It’s not termites; the kid took a knife to it and started hacking away at the wood. There is apparently no need for me to submit a request to fix my balcony—it’s already in the repair line up, but the HOA can only afford to do one at a time and mine won’t be done by the time I move in as some are in really bad shape. But our association is the only one in the neighborhood with reserve money and not in debt. They have never had a special assessment ever… and the neighborhood I almost bought a place in has had 2 in one year. Glad I moved down the block.

I also found out that my HOA does not enforce the BBQ rule so I can have one!!! Sweet happy day! After the 8 people in the one bedroom thing, the next renter was a nice guy who one day after still paying his land lord rent every month got a notice to leave in 30 days as it was being foreclosed upon… what a crappy landlord not to tell him all that!

All in all, it was a very productive day, considering I worked 8 hours too!

Surprisingly, I was worried who or what my neighbors would be like, but they are amazing! I’m so thrilled! I have happy vibes.

I’m going to spend Sunday cleaning my condo (it’s dirty) and begin to buy things to start my projects. I can’t put in the wall AC unit until it’s approved by the association, so I’ll measure the existing one, snap its photo, and look for its replacement.

Hopefully this weekend I’ll:
• Clean my condo so I feel okay sitting on the ground.
• Buy my 2 ceiling fans and the remote units for them incase boyfriends daddy can install them.
• Buy the drain cleaner for the bathroom sink and get rid of the slow draining drain.
• Buy and install my second cheap smoke detector for the living room (and put it far away from the kitchen).
• Schedule a time for Home Depo to come measure my kitchen (its free for October) and give me price estimates.
• Decide what type of flooring I want in the kitchen/dining room/living room so I can pick paint colors soon.

I’m also getting a $700 check back from escrow. $500 hold, plus money back because we closed on the 29th—a few days after the day we planned so I had to pay less!!!!!


  1. what is a special assessment?

  2. Its an extra fee an HOA can imposed on all members because they don't have enough funds.

    Like if they upgrade the property and get into debt, they can divide the amount owed by all the owners and they have to pony up the difference.