Saturday, October 3, 2009

Retirement perspectives

It was another bad week on the market. Instead of buying more shares, I bought a ROTH IRA CD since the rate went up a little. I also put some money into the Sharebuilder Roth IRA, but I didn’t buy any shares with it so it’s in the money market account. I’ll watch the market and wait a while before I buy more mutual fund shares with it. I think we’re going to drop further. Maybe next week I’ll start to buy… we’ll see.

My Goal is the leave the workforce on my 55th birthday, 11,539 Days from now.

** I’m not including the $900 in cash that I have sitting aside to Max out my Roth IRA for 2009. Until the money is deposited in there, it technically isn’t in there and therefore is not accounted for in this update.**

401 Account: Approximately 2.97 % of my portfolio• $599.58 (Employer Paid 1% of Salary); $616.09 Worth
o Up 2.75% from inception, +$16.51
o Stable Value Money Market Accounts make up 31.70%
o Milestone 2040 makes up 68.30%

457 Account: Approximately 4.97% of my portfolio• Employer Funded. Future Contributions Discontinued (minimal interest earned—like pennies)
o Positive $1,032.38

ING DIRECT Roth IRA: Approximately 11.79% of my portfolio• $2,400.00 Invested; Worth $2,450.41
o Up 2.1% from inception. Positive $50.40
o CD’s ranging from 1.65% to 4.5%.
o Current Average CD rate 2.9125%

ShareBuilder Roth IRA Approximately 48.48% of my portfolio• $10,700 Invested; Worth $10,073.93
o Down 5.85% since inception… Loss of -$626.07
o Strategic Allocation Moderate 99%
o Money Market Cash 1.0%

Excluding my Pension, my variable retirement accounts are worth $14,172.80. Of that I’ve only invested $13,100 of my money (the rest has been my employer). So technically I’ve made 8.18%. If I compare all the “free money” and my contributions (Totals 14,731.96), my portfolio is down 3.79% since inception.

Pension: Approximately 31.79% of my portfolio
I’ll have my 5 years of service in July of 2010. If I quit tomorrow, I’d just have the cash in the account. New Statements Delivered every November
• Up until 2007, Employer paid all contributions.
• Jan 2007- July 2009 Employee’s contributed 1%
o 2007- Contributions $299.74
o 2008- Contributions $336.12
o 2009- Contributions $214.82 (July 31st, 2009)
• As of August 1st, 2009 –Employee’s will now contribute 2% of income.
o 2009-Contrbutions $121.66 (September 25th, 2009)
o Cash Value as of 07.01.2008 $6,605.55.
• I’m ALSO buying additional time in my retirement accounts from when I was 16-18 years of age (service prior to membership). It’s less then a year’s worth of service credit, but I’ll be paying $33.06 for 45 more installments.
o 2009- Total Contributions $231.42 (September 25th, 2009)

My entire portfolio (if I cashed my pension out today) is worth $20,778.35

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