Friday, October 2, 2009

busy lady= me

I met my first neighbor… She seemed really nice and helpful.

I’m getting my parking decals today ($25 bucks a pop) …. BUT I have to drive a bit to get them. I’m getting 2.

I’m called the Post Office twice inquiring about which mail box is mine… they keep telling me to call back, so hopefully by the end of today I will know or they will have me in person complaining and throwing a fit. (my neighbor told me that the keys I found in my unit are my mail box keys—I have three?)

I should be getting my place re-keyed today. My friend’s dad is a lock smith. So if not today, Sunday or Monday because I’m too busy Saturday.

I have to mail my copy of the termite damage to the HOA (which is why I know I need to go to the post office anyways…

(and a lunch thank you meeting…) Busy day.

If I have time, I’m going to start to clean my unit and take those pictures you all want me to post!

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