Monday, August 24, 2009

new phone not coming

Nope... They didn't attach my apartment number to the phone and its on its way... shipping back to Fort Worth TX...

after many calls to FED EX, AT&T... conference calls with both of them... an hour and a half later...

I'm not getting that phone... They are giving me a nicer one, but I had to pay more for it... 29.99 plus tax, but they added a 31.92 credit to my cell bill (the cost of the phone) and waved my activation fee, so the tax works out to what I spent on the first phone, and they should credit that amount to my card once they finish processing it in fort worth.

If they don't refund what I spent on the original phone, I'll be out 36.56... if they do, the $250+ phone will cost me $18.19

What am i getting shipped to me and in my hand by Wed?

The pantech matrix in blue

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