Monday, August 24, 2009

Kichen remodel ideas

So what am I thinking in terms of a kitchen remodel?

First I want to take down the cabinets that hang from the ceiling over the sink. This is a picture from another condo up for sale in the tract. (just look at the cabinets as the floor plan is way different.

They block the kitchen and make it slightly claustrophobic because they are right above the place where the bar stools are. I then want take then down and put them on the side of the wall that leads to the bedroom. (boyfriends family has there's this way and I like it.) Something kind of like this picture:

I'd like to re-do the cabinets in the whole kitchen so they are white with silver knobs. (I’m not sure if we can just replace the doors and paint the old ones.) or if they will have to be re-built.)

But here is where it gets tricky to explain… I want to continue the cabinets into the dinning room area and put in a build in lap top work area since it’s a one bedroom.
Kind of like this picture:

Instead of the picture hanging above and that cabinet below, I was thinking i'd puct the work station in the middle. (i actually put an offer in on this place and they never called me back) Sad Sad... anyways...

I want to re-do the counter tops in something black (no idea yet but maybe a granite knock off)… Eventually I’ll replace the stove and dishwasher but they currently work so there isn’t much of a rush there.... but oh eventually I want those things replaced. They are ancient.

Depending on how much it will cost, I’d like to have a built in dinning room booth instead of a table because when you first walk in there is a half wall separating the walk way from the dinning room... and with the built in work station, i'm going to want the table to be closer to the door. I figure an L shaped booth with chairs on the other side would be really nice.

Kind of like this photo:

But a greenish color... and more L shappend...

I know I want to paint the whole place… and eventually replace the tile in the kitchen, bath, and walk way as parts of it are chipped and cracked.

I Know i'll Put in 2 ceiling fans, replace the AC wall unit, and fix those electrical outlets first...

I know the last thing i'll do is put in these really awesome plantation shutters for the 2 sliding glass doors… but that will be the last thing I do cause they will have to be custom made and pricy... but i saw them in one of the condo's my friend is renting and I fell in love with them! Something like these two pictures:

I know… I know… I have huge ideas and dreams for this place, things will happen in phases and not all at once… I will try and do a lot of it myself and using friends and friends of friends… and it won’t happen over night… but these are my dreams, and well see how they shape up in reality.


  1. I have no idea what your existing cabinets look like, but if the doors are just an ugly color, you can take them off and have them professionally enameled, painting the cabinets yourself, much more affordably than replacing things. You can even putty in where the existing knobs are prior to having them enameled and re-locate them to a spot you like better. I think a full-on professional mid to high grade kitchen remodel runs about $25k.

    One thing I would suggest is to take into account the location of the condo, other condo's in the building or nearby and assess how gourmet you can go and still expect to see a good return on your investment. When you go to sell you don't want to be the most elaborate place in sight because then you'll be higher priced than everyone else and it will be harder to compete.

    You might consider something such as Corian for your countertops as it is much more affordable than granite yet comes in a variety of colors, edges, etc. and looks great with low maintenance.
    I love the idea of bringing the cabinets into the dining room. Awesome!

  2. I love the breakfest nook idea. It looks so cozy and cute.

  3. I know for the countertops, Corian is a wonderful alternative. It is much cheaper, but still looks steller.