Saturday, July 4, 2009

the house hunt... Some extra money & R.I.P

The housing hunt is still going… which I think is starting to drag on my realtor. But whatever, if I don’t like it, I have every right to say nope, lets keep looking. One place asked for a BPO… and that’s a good sign... we should hear back in a week or two.

I think we are going to go back out again on Monday to take a look at some other places, but in all honesty, the prospects aren’t that great. The few places I’ve come to really like have lost their FHA standing, and I just don’t like a lot of the other floor plan’s I’ve seen. If worst comes to worst, I’ll rent a place and save more money up. Who knows… maybe I’ll wait another year or two and save up a real 20% down payment and be able to do a real mortgage on a property around $200,000.00? But I hope I don’t have to wait that long. This month I get to begin setting aside money for the house down payment again. (I’ll have set all the money aside for Florida, so there are no other goals I really need to meet minus saving money for the condo.)

I get three checks this month so I’ll be able to use one of them to finish off my Roth IRA for the year. I’m torn between mutual funds and cd’s… I put $1,000 in CD’s already (like last year).. and part of me is thinking that another $500 won’t hurt (since I actually see a profit on that money)… but part of me also wants to keep buying my mutual funds low in chance that the market rebounds eventually… but I’m also adverse to risk. Hmmmm… I’ve still time to ponder.

There is a chance Florida could get cancelled if our friends can’t afford to go. I hope that’s not the case… but if it is I’ll go to Colorado or some place else. I’ve found I really do like this traveling thing. =)

I’m working the 4th of July holiday at work… which means some nice 2.5 times my pay. And I’ll be puppy sitting for a whole week. I’m kind of excited to have some extra cash coming in. I need to buy a few things for my wardrobe. The stuff my sister gave me ended up going back in the box for the next rummage sale I have. (it just didn’t all fit right) and I could use some bottoms and some gym clothes.

On a sad note, roommate fell down a flight of stairs while I was on vacation. She’s not hurt or anything (not a scratch on her) but she lost “Thing.” R.i.p. baby.

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  1. I know this isn't in any way your responsibility but is there any chance you could drive the roommate to Planned Parenthood and get her on some long term birth control post haste? She does not seem like a healthy person.