Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I'm back from San Fran!

My first trip to the city was amazing. We didn't really plan things out and did stuff as they came to us since I went with friends who had been to the city multiple times. We saw the bridge, the Fort below the bridge, Pier 39, fishermans warf, the crookedest road in the world, road on a cable car, and a whole lot of stuff.

Were going to go back up there are really do a planned trip with alcatraz, and a few tours... plus i want to go back when i planned for more spending money. We went to guiradelli square, and i want to be able to buy more chocolate next time... plus boudins bread is always worth it.

But all and all, it was a nice break. We even hit up an outlet mall on the way home and i got 5 bottles of my favorite bath wash from bath and body works for $15! and $5.00 for some lotion that's normally 17.50 a bottle!

but a lovely trip one way or another. =)

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