Monday, July 6, 2009

I love the friends of the library bookstore

I do! (paper back 2 for $1.00)

I keep walking around the neihborhood and stop by and always find something. My to read stack is getting larger which will be lovely since i'll be spending a week house sitting this month with nothing to do but read!!!!! it will be lovely! I can't wait.

Anywho, I dunno if i'll be house hunting today. My realtor is out of town and her partner forgot to call me to schedule an outting so depending on when he finishes some stuff up will determine if i'm going to get to see some places or not.


I'm going to try and make some fresh Bruchetta tonight. Never tried, but i got the recipe off of olive garden's website. Looks like i'll hit up Henry's for some tomatoes... and use my fresh basil! =)

well i'm off to walk home, shower, and then to laundry. I walked from my apartment to the bank, to target, top the library, and now home. One nice big loop and a bit of gas saved and some calories burned.

Till Later.

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  1. bruschetta is great! the perfect summer food, in my opinion. it's easy too... good luck!