Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Church plant, condo search, & why I call it THING

I’m starting a church plant with friends. Were filing paper work with the government and looking for a building. I’m uber excited to finally cut all ties with my former church!

I also looked at two condo’s yesterday… Sadly, the one I was hoping would be the final end had soaked carpets from a leaky water heater, weird electrical issues, not to mention that the kitchen was gutted… yup, walked away from that. The second one had a lovely view of a cemetery… yup, not joking… scratch that one off my list.

The hunt continues…

oh, and just so i don't get any other comments about calling roommates baby "THING"-- and "IT"--- that's what she keeps calling her baby.... there are magnets on the fridge that surround her ultra sound that say THING- 10 Weeks.... (the doctor was a bit off so today she's around the 11 week marker and should be starting to show... which means she needs to tell her dad sooner rather then later since he doesn't know...) She wants to call it IT and THING because she doesn't know it's gender... its more of a running joke in the apartment that i just didn't cover in the previous post cause it's hard to explain... I'm not some heartless individual. I'm glad she's not aborting the baby, and i'm trying to be a supportive roommate...

but I won't lie and say its easy. I've been through one miscarry with her already, and it's hard to be 100% supportive when she continues to make dumb choices while pregnant... She's just someone who has burned a lot of bridges... and not just with me


  1. You could just call it BABY. That is gender neutral. I'm expecting now and until I found out what we're having, I always referred to her as Baby.

  2. lol. If it were my happy bundle of joy (and it would be) i'd call it BABY, "little goober" tyke, angle, and all kinds of fun little names like that... =)

    But i'ts not my kiddo to be... and whenever i say Hows the Baby treating you today? my roommate doesn't like it... She wants to refeer to it as THING and IT until she knows what the baby is. I'm not going to tick off the pregnant lady.

    As for my blog, i know she doesn't read it, or know it exsists for that matter, but i feel like i should honor her wishes and call it THING and IT....

    Mind you I think of THING 1 and THING 2 from Dr. Seuse so it's more endearing in my eyes that way.


  3. cemetery are great! They are like parks but quieter. They are well kept and easy on the eyes. If the rest of the house meets your criteria dont rule it out right away!

  4. I didn't mean to jump all over you in my last comment and it probably sounded more harsh than I meant it to. You sound so frustrated with her and it came off sounding like you were calling the baby THING and IT out of your anger toward her.

    I imagine that it's hard because her decisions are affecting your life and you don't have any control over what she does. I've been reading your blog for over a year and you are a strong resilient woman. You will be fine. Just hang in there.

    Pray for her. It's probably her way of detaching herself from the baby because she might be afraid of the pain of another miscarriage.

  5. Kara-

    No Worries, I didn't think ya jumped on me. =)

  6. the first house i ever lived in was right next to a cemetery--it was also my parent's starter home. we moved away when i was 6. my parents *STILL* say that the cemetery residents were the best neighbors they ever could have had. except for maybe the resell factor, i wouldn't rule the cemetery house out outright. :)