Friday, June 5, 2009

a little bit of everything update...

I just almost finished reading this book my Marian Keyes called “Lucy Sullivan is getting married.” If you haven’t read it, it’s chick lit and I won’t ruin the ending… but it took this interesting twist at the end when she has to deal with her father’s “problem” and I found it very empowering especially considering what this past year has had for me in my personal life. It’s given me a lot to think about. Some good some bad

I opened two new savings accounts at ING; Car insurance and Vacation Florida funds.
I had $133.78 in holiday pay added onto my paycheck. So I put that towards Florida.

I also have $50 bucks left over from last month that I’m going to carry over to this month’s budget. I also got a $25.00 check from my credit card… and again I’m not sure if I’ll do a new loan on Kiva… my minds a mess so I’ll deposit it and think about it later.

Sorry posts have been few and far between, or all in one day… I’ve written stuff, forgotten to post it, and I’ve been kind of busy. I’ve been looking at more condos, placed a few more offers and have heard nada back. The counter offer hasn’t called us back… it’s just a mess. I’m now looking at one bedroom condo’s wayyyy more seriously then I was before. I’ve always been open to buying places and renting them out. I have a few friends who could walk me through the process if I needed to down the line. It’s the same price as renting and I’d love to never have my rent increase and actually get to write off the interest.

I didn’t get a chance to take pictures of what was left in my pantry at the end of the month, but I’ll try to this month at the end of it… if I’m not too tired from San Fran. I think I should ask my boss for the Tuesday off after (my Monday)… I wasn’t originally since I was going to sell back some vacation hours at the beginning of next year, but I decided not too sell back my vacation. Right now sanity is better then money. I worked out a way to pay for the trip and I may sell it back anyway and start saving for a European vacation if I get my condo.

Work is asking us to pay 1% of our pensions now… and stop our mandatory 1% that went into our 401A so our net paycheck are still the same. Essentially it’s a 1% pay cut.

I want to ask if I can just keep putting the 1% into my 401A since I don’t want to miss out on two years in a down market. I’ll be making that call today. I figure I get a raise this year from 4-6% so that should eat out the difference even when they start taking out money to fund my “buy back” of the time I worked when I was 16. (I’m saving that up so each check they pull the money out I’ll pull out what it is from my savings account so my budget will remain intact.


I feel tired and strained so I’m trying to eat better and more simplified foods and drinking more water. It seems to be helping. Ysterday I had oats and brown sugar for breakfast, a banana was a snack, and I forgot the bread to make my blta at home, so when I got home I had some potato salad (not so healthy but I wanted it and I needed it gone before it went bad) and I made an early chicken dinner for boyfriend and me---mash potatoes, green beans, and homemade shake & bake chicken with apple sauce. I made the chicken coating from just shredded wheat cereal, salt, pepper, and some herbs. I think I dipped some of it in BBQ sauce and it was sooooo good. For a late night snack we had apples and peanut butter. So not a bad day… today will be better I hope, but roommate is cooking dinner tonight since it’s her night to cook…

yup, she instituted “you must hang out with me on Friday nights night.” Occasionally these get cancelled when boyfriend and I have things we can’t get out of, but not this week, and this week I’m solo since he has a gig (thank god). So I’ll be subjected to her processed box “cooking” since we trade off each week… and I’ll get to play emotional therapy councilor… oh well.

So tonight i'll be shown the new ultra sound picture… THING is now 9 weeks old… She's had three miscarriages in the past, but it looks like IT might have a shot at keeping its self hanging on for now since she past the 2 month marker… Which as selfish as it sounds… worries me. Her job is already in jeopardy and it may be gone in the fall if she doesn't step up and get the school credits she needs not to mention she gets no paid leave...... plus she doesn’t have “Daddy” to help her out. She's just not planning this whole thing very well.

Now you all know why i'm looking to buy a one bedroom condo. I'm not living with roommate plus one.


  1. Why are you referring to the baby as THING and IT? You sound pretty angry about the whole thing, but why? You are in a position to move on and leave it all behind. She is the one who has to deal with the consequences of her actions. All babies are a blessing, but if we choose to do things outside of the natural order then it's harder on us. I think you should pray about it. Show your roommate a little of the compassion you are showing your boyfriend with his credit cards. No one is perfect. Though we don't always understand why people continue to make some mistakes - it isn't for us to judge.

  2. I typed that post out a bit fast... I used those terms because that's what my roommate is using...

    Our fridge says "THING- 10 WEEKS" next to it's picture... She refers to it as IT and looks at me funny when I say different. I forgot to mention that in the post...