Saturday, June 20, 2009

a bit of everything

Sorry I haven’t posted much. I’ve been handed more and more projects at work and I find my free time certainly disappearing, much to my pleasure. I like being busy at work.

Therefore, I find myself curling up with some books instead of typing away at a post because that requires too much energy looking for my laptop.

It’s summer at work now… I already have raccoon eyes from my sunglasses… and it’s only June.

Next weekend I’m off to San Fran for the first time ever… and Monday becomes my year and a half anniversary with Boyfriend! So the tail end of the month should be awesome.

I got paid my $95.00 for working the polling place. I’m trying to decide if I want to upgrade my phone… its 35 bucks online… and I noticed my old discount I got on there got reduced so my bill went up a few bucks…They have a promotion going on right now for my plan so I could get my 39.99 bill down to 33.99 plus the $20 for text messaging… So I think I might call once I decide what phone I want and see if they will let me do the new thing and get the free phone… I really need to give boyfriend back his old phone.

The house hunt still goes on… saw a few other places… places one offer that’s sitting with the bank and the property realtor said she would not submit any more offers until the bank agrees if it likes mine.

My car needs a tune up, doing that on Monday with a fun $10 off coupon. =) yeah!

I’m officially on a diet. I normally don’t use the word diet, but alas, I started jogging 2.2 miles once a week and was feeling pain in my knee… so I got it looked at and my doctor told me no more jogging until I loose at least 5 lbs and build muscles up in my thighs so I’m walking and biking now… and dieting… well see.

and i don't have to call baby IT and THING anymore... she knows its a boy now... so she's going to name IT/THING soon so i'll have something else to call it. (this should make some of you all very happy, j/k.... i'm just teasing!)

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