Saturday, April 4, 2009

got a new realtor.. & i'm happy...& the new Kiva system

I talked with her on the phone, but i already love her more then my old one. This makes me happy.

I wrote a ridiculously long post the other day at my apartment, I even took pictures of my scare pantry... but i don't feel like posting it anymore, so I won't.

Last month I pinced my pennies, stayed on budget, and didn't spend my "extra leftovers." This month, my goal is to find the remaining money to fund my Roth IRA (including the extra check that will come in July)... but this month i'm also going to spend money... on fun.

It's important to ntreat yourself every once in a while... So this month I have to spend all my Fun money on fun things. Whether I buy some books, go out to dinner, ect it must be used for fun, not groceries, or toiletries. Only fun.

I used my CC rebate check to buy some plant seeds, soil, and one of those Topsy turvey plant growers... I'm waiting till boyfriend figures out how to hook it up so I can grow my own tomatoes.

I normally use my CC rebate checks for loans on ... and i know I haven't made a new loan in a while sicne i haven't been spending as much money as i used to, but i'm not sure if every CC rebate check will go to Kiva like it did last year. I still love Kiva, but I also can't ignore that without overtime, I'm going to make less then I did last year and I may have to use them to meet some of my savings goals. I have a lot of cash in my Kiva account that I could just "re-lend out..." but I like to wait until the loans are re-paid in full to do that. So i think i'm going to take the every other one approach. I spend one, or save it, then I donate the next one... but i never take out funds i've already donated... those will always be re-loaned out when a loan comes to maturity.


  1. I do the same thing... I have one Kiva loan that will be completely paid back in May, and I can't wait to lend it out to someone else!

  2. Why aren't you gonna post the long one?