Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Okay... The really long post about food... By request

A really long post about food… (Written Wed afternoon)

Today was scavenger day at my apartment... and i'm going to post about food... just cause

I had oats, milk, and brown sugar for breakfast. I didn’t have any fruit so I ate an early lunch… and it wasn’t that thrilling. I ate a whole grain tortilla with ground beef, refried beans, and parmesan cheese (because it needed something). It was a bland day because I couldn’t go shopping this morning because I had work at 5:15 am so I had to just eat what was in the house. I came home and ate a couple of hot dogs (no bun.. just ate the dog with some ketchup) cause I was hungry again… (I’ve been exercising and even jogging now so I tend to eat a bit more some days.. but today I didn’t run or jog, but still wanted a snack and since I didn’t go grocery shopping till after my snack, the hot dogs won.) I think I’m having dinner at boyfriend’s house tonight so who knows what I’ll eat there.

(He just texted… grilled Salmon, mac and cheese, and peas…)

--- I took pictures of my empty pantry and freezer because I was bored---

With all the unexpected hosting that came in March, I’m really proud I stayed under budget… and that only happened because I had a good stock of food in my apartment… but now it’s pretty scarce, hence the very bland lunch today.

My freezer (I put my stuff in the freezer door for the picture so it doesn’t look like there is more in there cause then you would only be looking at my roommates bag of ice and half a box of taquitos)
I have 4 frozen chicken breasts, an almost empty bag of frozen black berries (back from when I used to make smoothies—don’t anymore but I should figure a way to use these or toss them), one hot dog bun, one wheat hamburger bun, and a bag of instant frozen brown rice. That’s it.

My pantry is mainly seasonings and things to cook things with so they taste better…

Pepper, salt, seasoning salt, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Vegtable oil, random fake sugar packets (blue things on the counter) Brown sugar, oats from the bulk bin that I put in the old store bought oat container, less then half a thing of fake bacon bits, cinnamon, 1 can of corn, one can of pineapple, a box of wheat pasta, three cans of tuna, a box of unopened shredded wheat, a can of mushrooms, an almost empty box (maybe one serving) of instant mash potatoes, flour, Pam, and bread crumbs.

Nice eh? LOL. This is going to be an interesting month. I’d take a picture of the fridge but it’s kind of hard to since there are random bits of stuff in there and not everything is mine and I went produce shopping today so it actually looks like it has food in there.

I love Henry’s and Henry’s is going to help me stay in budget and hopefully allow me to restock the pantry. I’ve been meaning to post of a picture of the stuff so I figure why not today since I’m bored.

It’s amazing what you can buy for $9.17. I generally buy all my produce once a week and I love how I can walk out with two full bags of groceries and pay less then ten bucks.

I bought 5 apples, 3 oranges, 3 tomatoes, 2 avocado’s, 3 carrots, 1 celery stalk, 1 romaine lettuce, ½ gallon of fat free milk, and 1 dozen eggs….

Amazingly, this should be food for a week mixed with some mexican leftovers I have from Monday nights dinner with my sister (and by week I mean to pack lunches and breakfast for work since I never know when I’m cooking dinner and for how many).

I figure I’ll make Mexican salads since I have beans and taco meat (the leftovers), and I can shred some lettuce up and add some avocado slices (I’ll have to go minus cheese, sour cream, and chips cause I don’t have any right now and I only went to one store) but that’s at least leftover Mexican salads for work on Thursday and maybe Friday. I’ll have some fruit and raw veggies in ranch (which is in the fridge already) for a snack and I’ll probably make oatmeal (made with milk not water) with some brown sugar for breakfast (I got the oats for less then a dollar last week from the bulk bin and a small box of brown sugar for 99 cents last month and I still have about half left (next time I’m going for the darker brown sugar because the light one isn’t sweet enough for my liking.))

Then I’ll probably finish off my week by combining the leftover stuff into salads on Saturday and Sunday. I can hard boil the eggs, and use the bacon bits in the cupboard too… mix in the leftover tomatoes, a bit of carrot and that’s a pretty nice salad there. (I’m trying to avoid croutons… I tend to eat them like TV watchers scarf potato chips) I can also grill a chicken breast of two from the freezer and make grilled chicken to add in to the salad… and I can always make deviled eggs since I have Mayo and mustard in the fridge and paprika in the spice rack (which I didn’t take a picture of because it’s not mine, but I’m allowed to use the spices and three pictures is enough for one really long blog post.)

I do want to pick up some cheese… but I’ll see how it plays without it… I mean after all, I’m a mouse… I’m addicted… I’d be ten pounds lighter if I couldn’t eat cheese. And salad’s always taste better with cheese… yummy…

But because the pantry is on the scant side, I’ll probably try and get by without and use that money to buy other stuff with.

All this food talk is making me hungry… I think I might eat an orange now.


  1. The blackberries would be good with the oats for breakfast. I usually make homemade oatmeal and throw in frozen blueberries so I get a serving of fruit right away in the morning. Just a thought.

  2. My husband and I just started a PF blog and I've been reading yours for inspiration! I think I'm going to photograph our pantry like you did - that might keep me accountable with it. We're moving next month and I've been trying to use up our food so we don't have to move it or buy another month's supply before then.

    Anyhow. Hi. :)