Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Carpet Cleaning!

You can see the strip we hadn't done... EWWWWW
Well, I've been planning to clean our carpets for some time now. March of 2015 to be exact. That's when I called and got a quote for carpet cleaning and transferred $300 into savings... only to get super distracted by life.

Yup, carpet cleaning was on my "before the baby arrives" list. I was going to call zero-res to come do it and 2 years later, we rented a rug doctor and did it ourselves.

Eli got a kick out of our couch living in the kitchen for a couple days while we did 1/2 the house on a Friday night, and the second 1/2 on Saturday. It took until Monday to get the carpet to dry and we did it on a wet weekend and only had 2 bog box fans... but its noticeably cleaner than before.. but we still want to rip out all the carpet and replace it with hard wood *(fake hardwood, I mean... like cheap but nice looking laminate that locks into place one board at a time... only my floor "dips" noticeably in one place and i'm not sure if that would need to be fixed first.)...

But our carpet got cleaned and it only cost us $66.15 with the rental and the cleaner bottles we picked up.

We might go to Ikea and get a new floor rug for the living room to cover the more worn parts of the carpet. Our white one has been much much closer to a shade of grey after too years with a toddler. We've moved our hallway rug to the high traffic area near our front door though until we can find the time.

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