Friday, January 6, 2017

An interesting way to start the new year

While we enjoyed poppers and noise makers to ring in the new year early around 8:30 pm with little man (Netflix countdowns are awesome)... hubs and I then put on a movie, assembled legos  and colored till 11 when we decided to call it a night and get some sleep.

We thought we'd start the year off on the right foot and everything was going really well until the end of church. We ended up in urgent care with our little man.

No need for tons of details here. It was an accident and there was tons of giggles and smiles before the accident, but let's just say there was some horse play between hubs and little dude at the very end of nursery while I was cleaning up the toys and the little man ended up getting nursemaid elbow.


But thankfully the doctor was able to fix it and almost immediately he started using his arm again... But there were lots of tears from me while little dude sat in the doctors office watching Paw Patrol... I felt like a horrible parent even though I had nothing to do with what happened, and Lord knows my husband felt like a broken individual. I'm pretty sure a little part of both of us died in that waiting room....

Afterwards we talked to a couple friends and family members who confirmed it was pretty common and while it made me feel better about the whole situation, I don't know how i'm going to survive 50-70 years of bumps and bruises with this kid. It just melts my heart all wrong.

I thought about whether or not to post this, but if there's another mother out there who can benefit from hearing "accidents happen" well, then its worth it to console another.

In addition to our Urgent Care visit, our entire internet went down unexpectedly. We had to spend a good chunk of time on the phone with Cox to get it restored (including calling a friend of mine who works for Cox because the first person said our modem was too old to be connected anymore, which couldn't be the case since we had the correct lights illuminated). All in all, the next day later we had it fixed, but what a hassle.

So that makes 2 bad things... I really hope 3 isn't around the corner...

I also found out at the tail end of last year that I came in second for the job promotion, so it looks like i'll be getting a new boss in a couple weeks. I did exceptionally well in the interview process, and had it not been for my lack of experience in the tennis field and the absolute need for day 1 tennis experience, the job would have been mine. But the new boss is apparently only looking to put in 3-5 years before he retires, so who knows what will happen. I do know that i'm on an eligibility list, but we'll see. I've learned not to hold management to much lately and just wait it out. We've already started my transfer to the new facility and so far i'm enjoying my new responsibilities and excited to learn more about the facility operations, but I still haven't been released from my prior work load, so i'm still managing things for a location i'm no longer working at (including special events)... But i'm told by the end of the week things should be resolved so here's to hoping!

They tried to pull me back to my old job already because another full time staff member put in notice, but since we changed our daycare to 5 days a week with the switch of positions (i'm Monday-Friday now), I can't do the early morning opening shifts they need covered because SCB is picking up regular overtime so we can afford the 5th day of daycare so i'm drop off and pick up now. Luckily the gal cuts us a deal for 5 full days a week so the extra day costs us only $25 and not $50 a week and the extra we are paying each week is really saving our marriage. Having Saturdays as a family has already reduced our stress levels and has allowed us to feel "married" again and not just 2 ships passing in and around daycare drop off and pick up schedules. So that's not something i'm going to give up without a fight.

I'm also feeling less stress with my new role which means I've gotten more energy to spend time engaged with my family, pursuing hobbies I enjoy (like blogging) and i'm even getting up at 5 am and getting a quick 30 minute workout in to start the day most mornings (Read, when the toddler sleeps normally) It feels like i'm attacking 2017 with some good vibes.

What about you, how's your new years been this first week?


  1. Several years ago, my boss's 4 year old broke her leg. They took her to the children's hospital and my boss was pulled out of the room and questioned about the accident - meaning: he was interrogated for child abuse! His daughter was apparently in the living room and tried to balance standing on top of a ball and fell and broke her femur. It was a crazy accident and a crazy process the hospitals use for these accidents but they err on the side of caution and the child. I think he even had Div. of Family services visit a couple times afterwards. Funny part is my boss was/is a well respected attorney, active in his church and in politics. Insane!!

    1. I'm just okay little dude is fine... I was such a wreck in the exam room, especially while it was being "readjusted" ... I just felt so bad for the little guy. Hubs was like white as a ghost.

      Pretty sure little man was spoiled silly when we got home. If he asked for it, he got it... Bubbles inside the condo, sure buddy.... Oh, you want my sandwich, okay buddy, here take a bite... You want an episode of Paw Patrol, okay lets snuggle and watch....

      I'm glad they take things seriously when it comes to abuse tho. I grew up in an abusive home and back then, it was a joke.

  2. We had the joy of nursemaid elbow when my youngest son was 14 months old. It happened at a family reunion where a lot of different people were playing with him so we didn't know who "did it" or even exactly when it happened. He was up all that night whimpering and it took us a few hours to even figure out it was his arm that was the problem. Took him to the pediatrician the next day (thank you Sunday clinic!) and they popped it back in and made everything all better.

    I'm sure they told you this, but once it has happened once, it's easier for it to happen again. We had several more episodes but none of the trauma of the the first one. We would recognize what was up and take him in and they would pop it back in. Once it had even popped itself back in by the time we got to the doctors office. By the time he was four he had outgrown it and is now a swimming, flag-football playing, baseball loving eleven year old!

    I've missed your blog and am glad your back!

    1. Ya, they told us it would be more common and so we told our daycare as well so they were extra cautious as well... It was giggles and tons of laughter... and then not...

      I'm glad to be back too. I wasn't planning to be gone so long but with work stress, figuring out a new life / work / toddler balance, the break was needed... but its so good to get back at it again!