Monday, January 2, 2017

2016 Year End Spending

It's hard to believe another year has gone by and my little man is now a toddler, but New years eve is just around the corner and I can't wait to see what that little guy is going to do with a party popper!

2016 was definitely a year to remember. 

We finally got to go on a vacation out to Utah to visit my husbands family and little due meet his cousins in person... we got to introduce little man to his hero Mickey Mouse (affectionately refereed to as me me mouse) when we went to Disneyland... and we got to experience toddler tantrums which, if we are being honest, last a grand total of 5 minutes with this kid because he prefers smiles, giggles, and distraction to being upset. Mind you we have had our melt downs over a string cheese that he saw mom unwrap, the "orange peel" incident, where he insisted that he peel his own little cutie (which meant he ate half the peel), and the banana that broke in half which caused a full lay down on the kitchen floor and refuse to get up because his hopes and dreams were shattered... but I wouldn't trade a moment. I love this little man :) 

We also discovered Aldi, and a year end summary wouldn't be complete without an honorable mention to the store we have exclusively shopped from for the last 6 months. I will forever be happy to drive the 20 miles to shop their each week, but what will make 2017 even better its that a closer location will be coming to us soon!

I'm also glad to say our pup Roxy is less neglected now then when we first had little dude. It was rough balancing a new baby with both our jobs and figuring out parenthood. Needless to say she is enjoying more regular walks and puppy treats again and I feel like we actually play with her and show her love and attention.

Sure we have had our share of sad moments at daycare where he's called his sitter mom instead of Mrs. E (it doesn't help that her kids are there and call her mom too, but shes been trying to correct him and have him call her Mrs. E since he's starting to learn peoples names)... But we've also had those "melt your heart moments" where he's upset when I leave or he insists on hugging his momma before I go. I've also heard a mumbled "luv ooo" and i adore his drool kisses!

All in all a pretty good balance and with that I give you our annual spending report for the year. We may have missed an item or two, but this is fairly accurate "snap shot" for us for the year!
$4,912.79 (Monthly Average: $409 a month). 
Since switching to Aldi in July, average $335 a month

Eating Out / Date Nights:
$1,003.58 (Monthly Average 83.63)

Gasoline and Toll Fees: $2,825.72 (Monthly Average: $235.41)
Insurance: $1,514.53
Car Repairs: $6,040.38

Baby/Little Dude
Diapers, wipes, food pouches, books, clothes:$1,635
Daycare: $10,607.00 
Almost as much as we paid for our mortgage for a year and that we were trying to pay down!. ... This is our largest expense and definitely more than 10% of our income!!! 

Clothing (Me) / (Hubs)
Me: $445.09 / Hubs: $376.96

Gifts (Birthday, Christmas, Baby showers, co-worker)

$563.06 (Utah)

Tithe/Church giving

Doctors / Dentists/ Medical Co-pays / Prescriptions

Roxy / Dog

Mortage (property tax, p&I, additional principal payments): $13,651.85
HOA: $4,150
Repairs/Maint: $581.60
Homeowners INS:$330
Earthquake INS: $153



Cell Phones (2): 


Fun Money:
$840 Total ($420 each)


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