Thursday, July 21, 2016

i love Aldi

We recently got a "close enough if you take the freeway 20 minutes" ALDI!!!! I've been super excited about it because after a few weeks of shopping there we FINALLY FINALLY have our grocery budget back under control.

No more Costco trips where we spend more than we planned... no more multiple stores during the week to just pick something up...

It's life simplified. On Saturday morning I pull out the Aldi Ad (when you leave the store they have next weeks ad available for you to preview), plan my meals around the sales and what sounds good to us with the weather, make a list of things to buy for said dinners, check the pantry for staples we need, confirm hubby's and my lunches and breakfast options for the week, add in some little dude snacks if needed and then I hit the store after work on Saturday nights.

I'll admit, i'm back to my calculator and notebook tricks (I keep a list of the prices of everything I put in the cart in my notebook and I put non shopping list items in another column, and before I go to the check out desk I add everything up and see what the total is to see if I can buy some of the "non list" items or to use the extra to stock up on basics).

Last week we spent: $61.58 on groceries... the week before $71.54... the week before that $69.22.

It's pretty epic in my opinion.

Little dude got to go to his first baseball game. We did our ward/stake Mormon Night with the Angels so we went with a few friends and had a good time. Eli was more interested in moving around than sitting in our lap but he did well. We ended up leaving early because that day ended up being the 1 day he decided not to take his 4 hour nap at daycare so he was really beat and there was too much going on for him to nap on my lap.

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  1. I LOVE ALDI! The opened one about 4 years ago just across the state line about 5 miles from us. A bit of a hike but so worth the trek. I bring a cooler with me for the frozen and cold groceries. I just love it and pretty much every product we've tried is excellent and they have a good bit of organic or all natural. We don't buy a lot of processed foods either but I can still do the bulk of my shopping there.