Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Happy and more happy!

March means its profit share month for SCB's job!

Despite the company having more sales last year, their location had some additional costs so profit share checks were supposed to be smaller this year... however, because hubs has been doing so much more at work and really keeping the place together, his boss gave him a little more so it matched up to what he got last year.

Happy Dance!

After retirement 401 k contributions, taxes and tithing, we will see $2,750.91 Woot!

We also found out something pretty awesome this month. Our area does FREE 2 hour prime service from Sprouts (where we buy groceries often...) which means I had groceries delivered to our house while little dude napped and I did laundry and dishes... and it didn't cost us a dime more.

I may never go "grocery" shopping again :)

Seriously, all we needed to do was download an app and load it up with at least $30 of groceries and it arrived 2 hours later in a pre-approved time window.

Everything was in super awesome quality (i'm kind of picky about my produce but hats off to who ever loaded up my bags.

This is the best thing since sliced bread. Now on Saturday nights I can rush home to kiss the little dude instead of trucking to the store and getting home after his bed time. When I run out of something from the store, I add it on the app. Its awesome and it eliminated impulse buys because i'm not going to the store.


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