Wednesday, July 1, 2015

What we spent in June

I'm really excited to say that we had our first month "living" our new budget. It wasn't 100% perfect, but we kept our paws off the $880 that would normally go towards daycare and were able to save it instead.  With our new 5 year plan, that will eventually be tossed on our mortgage over the next couple months gradually, along with extra money we end up with when the month closes out.

I'm still out on Maternity/bonding leave from work, but these past almost 3 months with our little man have been incredible in more ways than I can imagine (both trials and smiles). I'm glad I decided to take the time (I don't go back to work until August 13th), especially since I've ended up needing to pump and bottle feed him since he wasn't gaining enough weight after the 1st month due to a bad latch and a poor supply on my end... but now he's filling out and growing like a weed.

SCB's parents will be coming down in July for our little man's baby blessing over the holiday weekend and we couldn't be more excited.

My sister has been AMAZING with this little guy. Its crazy how a cute innocent little baby can help heal a family and years of hurt. She babysits at least once a month so my husband and I can have a little time for ourselves. In return I've been giving her a loaf of homemade bread and some freezer jam because she had some of my bread and thinks its the best thing ever.

My husband also started carpooling with one of our friends from church who now works with him so he's only filling up his car twice a month on average-- which is great for our budget because any extra gas money at the end of the month we are putting in our car repair/replacement fund since we know eventually one of our cars will need to be replaced and we don't want to rob our emergency fund for it in a few years... especially since we hope to move.

I also had to break down and get some more clothes... again. While I've lost a ton of the baby weight so far, I can't seem to make my closet work for me still... I have no bottoms that truly fit outside of yoga pants and workout clothes. Needless to say I got a few things to help make Sundays work for church (some cheap skirts and a couple button down maxi dresses from walmart). This way I only have to to "half" undress to pump in the mother's room. My other "regular" dresses/church clothes either don't fit yet, or just don't really work for pumping.

One area we did spend some money in was on Eli... We bought a bunch more bottles so we only have to wash them once a day at night for sanity purposes... Honestly with the pumping I have to do, it was worth every freaking penny. I also had to buy a few more nursing bras in a larger size so we tossed that in the baby category as well. We used some OT and our discretionary money for the month to cover the overages.

What's really awesome is this is the first month in a long time where we intentionally spent money instead of "making it fit" the budget after the fact... and SCB and I didn't really sit down to figure out our 5 year plan until the end of the month so it gives me hope that we are finally back on track.

We also finally have a system going that works for us on the day to day end of things with the baby... we'll have a month and a half before we need to figure out our new normal once I go back to work.

June 2015 Spending:
  • Tithe: $640.00
  • Housing:
    • Mortgage: 792.01
    • HOA: $295.00
  • Internet: $52.99
  • Cell Phones: $45.00
  • Electricity: $71.00
  • Groceries: $346.60
  • Cars:
    • Gasoline: $115.33
    • Carpooling: $13.65
  • Eating Out/date nights: $88.37
  • Clothes: 
    • SCG: $41.93
  • Medical
    • Dr. Visit: $15
    • Hospital Pump Rental: $43.70
  • Baby: $180.74
    • Bottles, bottle supplies, nursing bras, bulk wipes, clothes, etc.
  • Roxy: 
    • license: $27
    • Shots & 6 months of meds: $150
  • Gifts:
    • Father's Day: $40
    • Baby Shower: $41.50
  • Pocket Money: $80 ($40 each)
    • Organizer bins: $36.57
    • Haircuts (one for each of us) $46.00
    • Video Game: $2.49

2015 Spending

  • Tithe: $4,969
  • Electricity: $316.64
  • Internet: $285.27
  • Cell Phones: $411.92
  • Housing:
    • Mortgage: $4,732.04
    • HOA: $1,770.00
  • Groceries: $2,220.07
  • Automobiles:
    • Gasoline: $830.48
    • Car Repairs: $486.42
    • DMV Renewal: $99.00 
    • License Renewal Fees: $66.00
    • Insurance: $681.66
    • Carpooling: $13.65
  • Eating Out: $816.69
  • Fun Money: $480.00 ($40 each) 
  • Clothes- SCG: $400.68
  • Clothes- SCB: $344.51
  • Doctors/Hospitals/Etc
    • Baby Prep Classes: $100
    • 2 months of DHA meds: $54.65 
    • Shot at Walgreens for SCB: $19.70 
    • Food @ Hospital: $57.53
    • Hospital Photos: $44.16
    • Prescriptions: $70.70 
    • Dr. Visit: $15
    • Hospital Pump Rental: $43.70
  • Baby:
    •  $214.43 (6 Nursing bras, Changing pad cover, diapers, wipes, bottles, petroleum jelly, gauze pads, stuffed animal, activity mat, onsies/clothes, bottle supplies.)
    • $180.74 Bottles, bottle supplies, nursing bras, bulk wipes, clothes, etc
  • Roxy:
    • Flea/Heart-worm meds: $258.92
    • Shots: $18.00
    • New Leash $23.10 + $14.44
    • Kibble and treats: $39.86
    • License: $27.00
  • Valentines Day: $116.66
  • Easter: $89.73
  • Gifts:
    • Squeeze Present: $50.36
    • Push Present: $113.95
    • Flower "Thank yous" for baby shower  $16.17
    • Birthdays: $226.95 
    • Father's Day: $40
    • Baby Shower: $41.50
  • Other:
    • House Items
      • New Keys for house, mailboxes and cars... plus key chains: $19.96
      • Office Organizing (File organizer, receipt holder, binder clips, pens, desk drawer containers): $25.05
      • Bar Soap, Batteries, Hygiene items, bed cover, toy hammock, silicone tray: $62.90
      • Wire hooks, Silicon muffin and ice cube trays: $25.63
      • Walmart odds and ends: $161.72
      • Kitchen Items (Silicone baking cups, spreaders, muffin pan, ice cube trays).$55.38
      •  Pens/Spatula: $3.08
      • Organizer bins: $36.57
      • Home Depot (Fix changing table): $23.41
      • Church Cannery: $62.50
      • Corner Shelves for Eli's Room $13.55
    • Computers/Tech/Video Games
      •  Light Switch: $27.71
      • Video Games: $52.60
      • Additional lights for the computer desk $118.96
      • Epic computer case of all computer cases. $204.24
      • New office chair, Camera and memory card, thermometer, and canned air. $287.16
    • Fitness
      • Fit Bit Covers and WiiU fit meter: $32.74
      •  Dietbet: $115.77
    • Vending Machines and soda during baby classes: $17.32
    • Soda Overages: $32.91
    • Tax Prep $61.98
    • CED lights for my moms house: $10.40
    • Car charger for pump, pony toy, and lego bag: $25.88
    • WiiU Controler cable: $25.92
    • Radio Shack (parts to convert swing to wall power) $49.11
    • Toys for my husband; Lego sets, ponies, etc. $98.84
    • Road Runner store membership -- $24.99
    • Hospital Prep Items. $167.01
    • Hair Cuts $66.00
    • DVD: $8.62
    • Photo Shoot Pictures: $150.00
    • Movie Tickets: $18.35
    • Shutterfly: $199.88
    • Canvas Pictures: $209.47
    • Screws: $4.52

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