Monday, June 29, 2015

HOA Fee up over 10%

One of the downsides to living in a condo is how little we can control our joint interest in this property because I do not have the time to sit on the associations board. (I would run if we didn't have the baby, that's how irritating this all is).

We just got a notice in the mail that our HOA fee is going up 10%. Now I know why these things happen, but i'm a little upset at the percentage of increase and that it is going entirely towards RESERVES when we were paying $45.49 a month (15% of our dues) into the reserve already.

Now it will be $75.48 a month, or 23% of our monthly dues going entirely towards reserves.

For our area, this is insane. We don't have a community pool, gym, or other higher cost amenities AND we don't have any outstanding debts or loans that run longer than 1 year.

The surrounding communities all have carports, pools, gyms etc and assessments in the $330-$350 price range... Heck, one even throws in cable for the entire complex...

Makes me glad were leaving in 5 year.

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