Wednesday, April 29, 2015

DMV and Panic Attack

So I've been freaking out because I needed to renew my drivers license in person at the DMV (for a vision and thumb print) and with delivering a baby and everything, I couldn't get an appointment until after my license expired...

Which meant I was going to have to go with a newborn infant without an appointment to a California DMV location...

Since we are breast feeding and only just a few days ago we got the "ok" to start to feed him a bottle of pumped milk once a day to get him used to bottles since I plan to go back to work, I couldn't leave him with someone at home because we didn't have any real milk stored up...

After polling my facebook friends and figuring out which DMV location to go to (we picked one that did less services so the line would go faster), my husband explained things to his boss so he could come with me to help out with the baby.

Eli woke up around 5:00 am to feed, so once he was done we got ready, we got dressed and packed up all his stuff and drove to the DMV. We got there almost an hour before it opened and my husband waited in line with I kept the baby in the car asleep in his car seat until it warmed up a bit more.

He kept sleeping and after a while I got in line and waited with my hubby... we maybe had 30 people in front of us and when the DMV opened at 8 am, we were done and processed by 8:45.

SCB drove us home and then went to work for the rest of the day and I settled in for the morning. After a couple sleepy feedings as the afternoon wore on, I started to worry because he went from feeding normally as soon as we got home to being really really sleeping and only feeding for 5 minutes at a time.

I called the 24 hour nurses line and spoke with someone around 4:30 pm because my baby was no longer acting like my baby did and I was really worried... He was sleeping too much and not waking to eat or really cry at all.

They got us a same day doctors appointment 3 hours later since his temperature and vitals were fine. As soon as SCB got home from work an hour later we tried to wake him and he was just out cold.

He was breathing fine, had a good color, no fever and had a poopy diaper just a half hour before but even with tons of poking and prodding he just wouldn't keep his eyes open for more than a minute or two... I was in hysterics...

We got to the doctors office, got checked in and waited, trying to rouse him and get him awake up and just cry like normal. Once we got in the back and they weighed him he started to wake up and cry a bit -- the most active he had been since that morning around 10 am.

While we waited on the doctor and did a diaper change and I fed him (and he actually ate somewhat normally), the doctor came by to check him out.

It was a growth spurt... apparently babies will sleep tons and only feed just a little bit to take the edge off when they are growing... 

Pretty sure I have grey hairs now... 


  1. Oh my goodness! The joys of breastfeeding. You are completely attached to your baby until you can pump.

    The CA DMV sounds terrible. I had to wait 3 hours in Tennessee to get a new license. The longest I've ever waited on any given day in North Dakota is maybe 20 on a busy day.

  2. It's a learning curve! You'll look back on this and smile but at the moment it can be nerve-wracking. You're getting the hang of it!