Monday, April 27, 2015

April money updates

We didn't do any real goals for this month, other than to meet our son, but we did do some good money things this month!

We saved $440 in our daycare savings fund, so we now have $880 saved up so we don't have to worry about when our paychecks hit the account to pay for someone to watch Eli for us when I go back to work.

We also saved the extra $300 we wanted for Roxy to clean her teeth professionally when we get to that point where we can.

We also have started saving a little bit towards a Roth IRA for the year. We only have $452.41 in there, but its a start and May will be a 3 "paycheck" month for me so we should be adding over $1,000 to the account if all goes to plan.

We also still have $1900 of our profit share check left. It looks like we will be getting a lazy boy to help SCB sleep a bit better with the baby at night. We are going to borrow one from my mom for a week to see if it helps before we take the plunge.

I also got my disability check in the mail from work. Its weird to get a huge lump sum of 8 weeks worth of my income all at once (well 2/3 of my income). I'll be putting it into a temporary savings account and then on each "payday" transferring some to our checking account when my work pays me the other 1/3 through my PTO. All I know is our taxes are going to be really messed up this year since the check they sent for disability didn't take any federal or state taxes out.... but we will also have a new dependent this year so it may balance out nicely at the end... but who knows...


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  1. You can also deduct daycare expenses. The deduction has helped us tremendously.