Friday, March 27, 2015

Present for the baby

I decided that our son might be hanging out in the womb still because i didn't "make" him a welcome present yet...

and he was jealous of the Hobbes hat I made for his dad to wear in the hospital while he holds him... (Yup. I made his daddy a "hobbes" hat from Calvin and Hobbes so he can wear it when he holds the baby because my husband absolutely loves Calvin and Hobbes).

So because i'm not above bribery at this point,  I busted out my crochet materials and made him this adorable hat, tie and diaper cover with suspenders...

I found the pattern here for $5, which is awesome since she also makes and sells the sets for $40 and I was much more willing to spend $5 for directions and a Sunday afternoon than shell out $40 even though it's really adorable.

Plus I got to learn how to do a new stitch I hadn't done before on the hat which gave it that extra decorative striping... and I like learning how to do new things, especially when I nail them into perfection.

I also made him a puppy outfit last night... My friends keep joking that they think he should stay in longer so I make him more adorable things but we are really ready to meet him already so I think if I make anything else it will be some paw print booties to match his puppy outfit.

We decided we are going to do a small newborn photo shoot in our home since its always bothered me that there are NO pictures of me when I was a newborn or a baby for that matter... My sister has some, but I have none and since I don't have to pay for expensive props because I can make them, I'm starting to get really excited about it.

We are going to get the pictures done with the same woman who took our sealing pictures which we just blew up on canvas, so the "little" outfits will come in handy for making him look really adorable.

Since we don't want to blow a ton of money on a bunch of photos, we'll get 10 edited shots for $150.00 which will be enough to document the moment and pick a few of our favorite shots to print of him for the house. We could do a $300 package and get 25 shots, but that's a bit more money than we really want to spend for everything.

I also made him a little dinosaur outfit too.

Its hard to believe that today is supposed to be his birthday.

Who knows if he's here or not yet since I'm "scheduling" this post in advance in case I'm hanging out in the hospital holding him right now.

(Wishful thinking is always good, right?)

But the doctor was pretty sure I'd make my Monday appointment and go over so I'm assuming he's still in there. If things look better on Monday, I'll be induced of Friday, April 3rd if he doesn't come on his own since that will be 41 weeks.

If things don't look good on Monday, I'll be induced on Friday, April 10th so depending on how long labor is and when things last, I could end up with a "411" information baby or maybe an Easter baby at the latest... which is far better than a tax day baby :)


  1. Sweetie, Easter is the 5th!

    1. The joys of pregnancy brain... I'll either end up with an Easter baby or a 411 information baby....