Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Bump over the months...

12 weeks
I still get a kick out of my early "progress" pictures...

It's weird to see how thin my face was back at week 12... I can't wait for some of this bloat to work its way off me to see if I can get to "normal" again... Which should be interesting in and of itself since I had been loosing weight like crazy before I got pregnant :) (I mean I think I was smaller and in better shape when I got knocked up then I was at my wedding)!

Today though, I'm especially grateful that I snapped a few pictures in the same "Sunday" dress over the course of my pregnancy... In hindsight, I wish I'd taken a couple more, but I'm really glad I did a few early pictures in this dress when my other clothes still fit fine because I now have these three "journey" pictures that are cool to look at and see how much he has grown over the months from 12 to 25 to 39 weeks! It really gives you something to look at!

25 weeks
I'll be really happy with myself if I can get back to my  before pregnancy starting weight when all is said and done. I'm giving myself a year to do it since it took 9 months to change my body to accommodate my son and I'll need to recover after he comes before I can ease back into it... but if I go beyond that, and continue to improve my health, more power to me but I remember just feeling so fit and alive and able to move and do things at that weight... and this week its like that motivation to move and go and push myself just magically came back.

For weeks and months I haven't really cared all that much as I've been trying to grow a healthy baby inside me but something about this week has made me crave being able to be active like I used to.

(Maybe that means he's coming soon????)

(We can only hope so at this point because SCB is getting a little anxious and keeps telling him to get out of "mama's" belly each morning.)

39 Weeks
I know I certainly can't wait for the swollen ankles and the pregnancy aches and pains to go away. You have no idea how "interesting" it is to get out of bed in the morning or put shoes on... or shave your legs... but I'm lucky that my husband will help me with all three if I ask him to - and with no judgements at all.

Most days I just sit down and hold out my shoes and he comes over and helps me put them and my toe socks on (my sport short toe socks help keep my swelling at bay better than my regular socks do). Although I still *can* put them on by myself, he knows its not very comfortable and steps in like a champ.

I'm actually pretty darn grateful that I've had a pretty mellow pregnancy.  Some people aren't so lucky. I like to think its because Eli wants a brother or a sister down the line and he knows his dad is more likely to make that happen now that this one has been "easier" than those of other people around him at work.

When I tell people at work that my baby is due on Friday they look at me like I'm a mad crazy woman for still coming to work everyday... But for the most part I just sit at work and do things on a computer, so I would much rather sit there and wait then at home and know its one less day I'll get to spend with him before I have to go back to work.  

My sister called me up earlier in the week when I posted my week 39 photo because she was shocked at how wide I was -- in her words, "you look like your going to topple forward -- but its like only in your belly! The rest of you looks great!" -- (which is an actual compliment from my sister in some way...)

But its all about "photo" angles. I have some pictures where I look just like a big fat bloated bus because I'm "looking down" at the camera which is a bad angle for anyone let alone the almost full term pregnant lady :) But I'm okay with those "bad" photos too because pregnancy isn't always that glamorous... I just won't post those ones on facebook or my blog :)

2 days to go!

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  1. For me, losing weight right after the baby was easy because I was so busy I didn't get to eat regularly. Keeping it off though once everything settled down-that was a completely different story. With both my boys, I weighed more at their one year birthday parties than I did at 3 months post partum :/