Friday, March 20, 2015

My husband is awesome

So the other day after I "vented" to you wonderful strangers (Its amazing how much better you feel just by typing out your feelings sometimes....) I came home and my husband was already scrubbing the tub...

without me asking....

and he not only made us dinner for the night... he didn't even ask me to help. I got to sit on my duffer and pet the dog and relax on the couch.

I knew I had to come clean so I told him I vented on the blog a little that morning about needing help and he just chuckled and agreed that he could tell I was having a rough morning that day.

I love him.


  1. Sometimes they just know what we need. He will get better as time goes on after the baby.

  2. Good husband. Tell him to keep it up-a helpful husband who can accomplish things without being nagged makes a world of difference with a new addition.