Wednesday, February 18, 2015

So not my day....

I spent Sunday night sleeping on the couch again because I could not get comfortable... So needless to say I eventually slept, but not amazingly so... What I lacked in quality was made up in quantity as I think I didn't really get up to start my day until 8am... We think my sleeping problems come on nights were we eat too close to bed time and we haven't been able to help me "walk and digest" around the park... those tend to be the nights I end up on the couch. Hopefully recognizing that will help keep me sleeping on the bed where quality sleep can be achieved.

So naturally, Monday started off rough.

When I finally got up and moving around for the day, I tried to walk Roxy around the park... but had to come home after a single lap because I was out of breath... Apparently that happens when you have 30 something days left in your pregnancy.... I was wheezing trying to get up the stairs (Thankfully by mid day it was all gone, but I digress...)

I had huge plans that day to try and cook four different dinners (most of which to toss in our freezer before the baby gets here)... and I needed to be able to focus. As I was working on the first one, I almost slipped in the kitchen because I stepped in water...

Yup... My dish washer started leaking today...

And if that's not bad enough, while preping meal two for the crock pot, I roasted some peppers for a recipe and forgot to wear gloves when peeling and handling them (normally I don't need to because they are mild peppers)... but since my hands are so dried out with the season and my pregnancy my hands and fingers burned for at least 2 hours. The only relief to make the stinging go away was soaking them in water... but as soon as I took them out, it came back.... I tried dish soap and water, olive oil than washing.... using rubbing alcohol..... then some ice packs...

After about 2 hours it finally went away. It would flair up occasionally during the course of the night, but it wasn't anything too upsetting.

All in, I would say today was a no good very bad day.... but at the end of it, I had 3 of the 4 meals planned (4 was a little ambitious), I got Elias's bed made (I washed his bedding in baby soap and laid out the few premie and newborn hand me down outfits we have for him that are now also washed) and I got another load of his clothes in the dryer...

I managed to clean and do all the dishes as I went along (hense using the dishwasher twice in one day-- the pots and pans are still there for SCB to do, but I rinsed them off after using so they will be easier for him to clean up)....

and I got my kitchen floor cleaned too.

My freezer received about 20 some spinach bites (we ate a few out of the oven because we couldn't resist), 8 serving of my green enchilada soup (3 are in the fridge to get us through a dinner later this week and one lunch for me), then we had enough Korean beef and broccoli to feed us dinner and a lunch for me... and one more dinner this week too which is good since we are going down to San Diego to the temple mid week for my friends sealing so its nice to know that I have meals already done for us to just heat and eat.

The Eli Stock Up Now Includes:
  • 2 dozen whole wheat banana nut muffins (for me)
  • 1 loaf of banana nut bread (for SCB)
  • 8 servings of green enchilada soup
  • 20 spinach bites
  • 20 homemade turkey meatballs 
  • 1 extra loaf of homemade bread if it makes it till my next baking day on Monday.
I'm hoping later this week or even this weekend I can make a double batch of pesto cream cheese turnovers for a meal and for the freezer... and then I want to stock up on homemade bread, broccoli and tomato soups, smoothie ingredients, and a few other things. I'm also hoping to do a freezer meal party at my friends house on the 1st to help prepare, but I won't know what meals she's planning and if we will eat them until later this week.

So I say by the end of everything, the day was salvaged... especially since it looks like my dishwasher isn't leaking anymore... I think the door seal was just off for some reason because the second load didn't leak at all...


  1. Don't wash all your new clothes until you really need them. Babies grow really fast and sometimes you are left with a brand new but washed so you can't exchange it for a bigger size outfit.

    1. We are only washing the hand me downs we got from others. Everything with tags and a receipt we are waiting to wash in case we need to size up or if he's just too big for them.