Monday, February 16, 2015

Apparently having a baby isn't a qualified status change...

for my husband...

My HR department told me I can't make my health insurance a "family" plan when the baby comes... I can add the baby... but not SCB because its not a status change for HIM.

I'm soooo P.O.'d.

If we had known we would have put him on at the beginning of the year or done our research sooner....because part of the perk of putting the baby on Kaiser was that the whole family would have awesome healthcare for the same take home pay... which would be worth paying all the extra money for piece of mind...

Instead I read, on the paperwork a list of qualified status changes where you can make changes to your health choices outside of open enrollment... and having a baby is on there... so I assume that means we can make changes and add and delete family members to have the best situation for our family.

As much as I want the baby on Kaiser, I think I might try and really look into finding a doctor I like with my husbands insurance since he apparently needs to find one anyway.


(If anyone on the internet can prove this wrong, I'd love you to pieces).  

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  1. That sucks! I heard a story of a male coworker who didn't add their new baby (wife was SAHM) within the 30 day limit and then couldn't add the baby until the next enrollment period.