Monday, February 23, 2015

Got to see my baby today

I went in for my regular appointment and my little guy was moving around while the doctor was just listening to his heart beat and I got to hear his little baby hiccups... Which are totally adorable by the way.

After a swab test, my doctor had thought my baby was head down based upon feeling him... but after he was doing some kind of a cervix check he wasn't sure... which meant I got to see my baby because he called for the ultra sound machine.

I don't know about other mom's but I get excited to hear my doctor call for the machine because it means I get to see my baby and nothing makes me happier than watching him just hang out in there. I wasn't even thinking something might be the matter, I was just like "score, I get to see him again!"

So I got to see his head and his heart beat like crazy... I even got to see his cool skeletal structure. It was pretty epic since the last time we got to see him was his gender reveal ultrasound.

I'm happy to report that he apparent he still has room to move around and my fluid levels are good and despite my size and weight gain, my doctor isn't thinking he's going to be a huge baby since he still has room. 

Oh Happy Day! #32 days left, 35 weeks and counting!


  1. I always loved that too. You will get to meet your baby soon. It seems like people get so stressed about labor that they forget that they get to meet their baby. When you see your son, it is the most amazing moment in the world. And then you will wonder how an actual baby grew that big inside of you. I will be thinking about you :). And I will say a prayer.