Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Emergency Fund Update!

Looks like we are going to make our annual goal for our Emergency Fund thanks to our Tax Return! We just dumped it into our Emergency Fund to get that done a month early. It feels so awesome to know that tomorrow when SCB's paycheck hits the bank account, we will send over the $150 or so the EF needs to be at 6 full months with baby padding expenses!

Its a nice relief to know that we will have a good cushion of cash before the baby gets here... and our hospital fund will have $1,000 in it to cover our medical expenses.

I still need to do my hospital bag, but I got a couple more days left this month to do it!


  1. Good job! What a sense of security it is to have a little cash.

    1. Ya! It feels good to be at 6 full months of expenses if we have to pay for covered california and baby gear each month :)