Friday, January 23, 2015

We're going to go over on our grocery budget...

We have one more grocery shopping week left and only $5.36... which won't even cover a gallon of milk... so its safe to say we are going over on our grocery budget for the month.

I was really hoping to start the year off right and hit the $300 marker just to show I could but I forgot how hard it is to stick to a budget. We have been getting much better over the past few months, but I haven't been holding myself to the $300 and with a bare pantry, we went through most of our funds earlier in the month just re-stocking and getting the best deal on products in bulk instead of just buying what we need to get through the week so to speak.

Some of it was poor planning... Like SCB not knowing that the package of uncooked but open bacon was for a meal I was planning the following week and shouldn't be cooked just because... Which meant I had to buy more bacon the next week to make soup... (I have to buy the no nitrates stuff cause I'm pregnant so paying $6 for bacon on a small grocery budget can stick it to ya).
Then there is the fact that in  3-4 ish weeks we have gone through 5 gallons of milk... WITHOUT cookies being in the house... and since i'm pregnant, SCB is firm on buying organic and since Costco doesn't sell fat free organic milk (they have 2% and 1%, but not fat free) we have been paying $6 to $7 a gallon for it.

We also had to re-stock our poultry because we had weeded through most of it....

We also bought a disgusting loaf of bread because we ran out of homemade bread and I didn't have time to make any before SCB needed to make his lunch... (it was gross... I think i'm a bread snobb now).

Then we found an awesome cereal deal for SCB's favorite type... with an added electronic coupon bonus from Ralph's (it was on the ad... that was the only reason we knew about it) so we ended up buying 10 boxes of it Cinnamon life for ... $13.80...

I also noticed we didn't buy any household items and I'm wondering If those should come out of our discretionary funds to give us some more wiggle room with groceries...

February will be much easier since its a short month, but I'm hoping I can keep the whole thing down to $350 for January. Who knows, we may need to up the groceries allotment for the year. Last year our monthly average was $341.00 so for 2015 we were actually hoping to DECREASE it over all.


  1. Why don't you just get the 1%? The amount of calories minute. Personally, I am a fan of full fat products-they keep you full and provide flavor rather than frankenfoods or things that have been processed to death.

    1. My husband won't drink it to be truthful. He used to like that stuff (actually preferred it at one point) but when we switched to fat free he's now hooked because it "tastes better" and its colder...

      We may have to try it again though (thanks for the reminder)... I'm not sure if its smarter to buy it in bulk at Costco or not price wise so I'll have to check the next time I go in. It might be worth it to try it out again if It gets us away from $6 a gallon milk.