Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Mortgage going up

We got a notice in the mail that our property taxes will be going up for 2015... so the amount we pay to our escrow account will need to increase to cover the bill.

It's a little annoying that I get the notice after I've made the budget and all our baby budget options for the year... but I'm not going to mess with any of those until we pick one!

Right now we pay $771.99 a month... now we will be paying $792.01 to add the extra amount to our escrow account for property taxes.

I kind of don't mind.

Sure I'd like to have the extra $20 a month in our budget, especially with the baby coming, but its nice to see property values stabilize and come up over $200,000.00 again for a 1 bedroom property... especially since we want to stay in our condo for a few more years before we move, but its nice to have the equity if we have to move sooner.

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