Friday, January 9, 2015

Car Repairs

It wasn't as bad as we thought it would be. Thankfully not another repeat of last month, but we still needed more than an oil change.

We needed to get 4 brand new tires for Stitch (our blue Camry). They were really bad and almost to the point if not already basically being not street legal... (isn't that an awesome sentence?) which isn't great when your planning on putting a baby in the car in a few months/weeks...

So, between the oil change, the labor for the work and the 4 tires at $89 each, we gave $486.42 over to Neighborhood Car Care...

Which means we should be able to tuck away $500 to the emergency fund this month if we are on budget and trucking along, so I went ahead and line item-ed it in... as a wishful thinking cross my fingers and hope sort of way. :)

I also need to figure out when the church cannery is open so we can do that this month as well... I might just have to email a few people in the ward since when I call the number there isn't a recording for the hours and it isn't listed on the website... but if we are going to attempt to do that this month and start our baby prep classes, I need to get us a plan going.


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