Friday, December 12, 2014



Because "Sally's" check engine light came on...

So much for getting the carpets cleaned and purchasing some bulk food storage items :( Guess that will happen in January now.

So what happened? Besides the normal stuff like changing the Oil Filter and Engine Oil... Adding some coolant, break fluid, changing some spark plugs and a fuel filter...

The Thermostat was bust and all the housing that went with it needed to be replaced... the the water pump was shot.... and the timing belt had NEVER been replaced before so we are so lucky my husband took it in when he did before it completely died (those are replaced at 60,000 miles... not at 85,000 miles).

After we paid for all the parts, we had the labor costs to deal with...  His break fluid flush was $110... the thermostat $108 ... and the timing belt alone was $504.00 in labor since they basically had to take everything out to replace it. They had the car for a full 2 days to make it happen, but thankfully hubs and I were able to change my hours so we could car pool to work so he dropped me off, took my car to work and then picked me up.

Labor: $841.00
Parts: $460.00

(We did get a discount of $50 because they like us... they also didn't charge us for a few things labor wise either...)

but all in all after tax it was $1,286.12.

I have to take my car in in about 250 more miles so we are just hoping that's next month. We had to drain all our Car emergency fund money and we are trying to cash flow the rest this month in an effort not to miss the emergency fund goal by years end... but we shall see how that happens.

I'm just glad we have the funds to pay for it... and here's to hoping my car won't need repairs next month!

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