Monday, December 15, 2014

BUMP update

12 weeks...
25 weeks
Oh the difference...

Still feeling good though. Other than a little acid reflux since Eli doesn't have a whole lot of space since I'm 5 feet tall and my torso is only so big...

Today I have to drink the orange bottle and get my sugar test done. Here's hoping it goes okay!

Yesterday at Church was the first time South County Boy felt his little boy kick and move. The look on his face was absolutely priceless because the kid actually kicked him, kicked him... like made his hand move... and then repeated himself a couple times just so he knew it was real and that it happened :) He's a good son :)

Unfortunately I already hit my weight marker... My doctor was hoping I would only gain about 20 lbs... but we hit that marker this week.... and I've got 102 days to go still...

Who wants to place bets about how wide I get???



  1. Do NOT stress about your weight. With my first I gained 60 pounds and my doctor kept being such a jerk about it. I hated goingn to see him because of that. It kind of out a damper on my pregnancy. With my second, I gained 50 and my doctor told me I looked fabulous the whole time. I felt so much better going to the second doctor. I have also lost all of my baby weight from both pregnancies.

    1. I'm taking it in strides. I added a brief strength training session twice a week to my workouts (aka walking sessions) at work to help tone up a bit more for delivery since I lost a lot of muscle tone and strength and I'm already feeling better.

      My test came back a 58 (70-129 is normal for the sugar thing, above 130 and you have to take the 3 hour test), so if anything the doctor will probably tell me i'm fine come Monday... If he's worried about my sugars being so low, the alternative is to "eat more" which i don't think he will recommend since again i'm 5 feet tall.... I'm hoping since to stay under 185 lbs the whole pregnancy... (which is like a gain of 35 lbs since i'm not counting my first 4 lbs since I had come off a huge weight loss before making this baby)...