Monday, September 22, 2014

What a difference a week can make

Me at 12 weeks and a day or so...
(i'm a week further along now)
I know it’s been a few weeks since my last post and I’m glad to be heading into my second trimester for sure. It’s the beginning of week 13 for me and it wasn’t until last week that I found the energy to grocery shop and make and prepare dinner again. There were days and weeks where I was completely helpless and I truly felt bad for my poor husband who wondered what had happened to his awesome wife. While I was able to make it through the work day, by the time I got home all my energy was sucked up and I was good for nothing else than watching TV and going to bed at 7:30 pm. Hence the silence on my blog...

But I’m glad to report the welcome change! 

As my baby has gotten to a point where most of its initial creation development has taken place, I’m finally able to get back into a more normal mode… Still turning in at 7:30- 8:00 pm... but my energy levels are higher and i'm finally feeling more like me! We are hoping this also means we will stop bleeding our bank accounts with eating out and convenience meals and get back to cooking from scratch, too. We haven't gone crazy (no tapping of the emergency fund.... but no real saving money either these last 8 weeks)....

Hubs and I are on a good working game plan together though. We are attempting the cook once, eat twice method to give me a day off in between to veg out and nap a bit more or run other errands so i'm not getting too overwhelmed having to plan 7 dinners a week. And before you think he's slave driving his pregnant wife, ee have also switched over some chores so I can do ones that make a bit more sense and he can tackle the others. So my main focus is grocery shopping, dinners, and doing basic dishes (not pots and pans), and he's basically doing everything else including laundry, trash, pots & pans, light cleaning, home improvement, and tackling the bathroom. I married a good man who knows the value of partnership and helping his wife. (plus he really likes when I cook and he's willing to do more to get that one thing outta me since he's been gaining some sympathy weight since I haven't been cooking).

I've also bought some maternity clothes. Thankfully with the nausea on the low end now, I can still manage most of my gym workout pants since the waistband isn't making me feel bad now, but I had no actual bottoms that fit me. (It helped that I kept my fat workout pants from when I was in the 160's which are still baggy on my but were my go to pants for a few of the bad weeks). But my basic bottoms like my capris and jeans were just too tight... in both the legs and the waist so a belly band wasn't going to cut it. (I'm no longer doing the 10 plus mile walks each week so my legs have lost some tone and then add the pregnancy bloat and its no wonder they don't fit, lol). 

The few items I bought at a garage sale were really too big for me after all (one pair too small in the thighs after a week or two) ... and while I can make 2 pairs work, it takes a lot of effort to keep them up and I'm constantly having to tuck and re-tuck them in. As a present, my mom gave me $50 to buy a pair of pants and since we were able to sell one of our 1/2 marathon entries for $100 earlier in my pregnancy, I used that money to get 2 tops I can also nurse in, a pair of petite jeans, a pair of capris, and two pairs of leggings at Motherhood Maternity...  With the 2 dresses I got at the garage sale, a top from target, and some regular non maternity solid T-shirts I picked up in target that are long on me, I think i'm all set to go! (its a good thing my wardrobe functions for about a 10 lb shift in weight throughout the year).

In other news, our “goober nest” is coming along. We have finally removed all the items and the shelving units from the closet!! Now it just needs some paint, and some good measurements. We will need to get a rug that covers the whole room since the carpet is missing from some of the places where the shelves went down to the floor… and we will need to replace some of the base boards in there too since there are gaps…  Once we get that covered, we will install the ceiling fan and the baby gate (instead of a door). Then we can start to hunt for some bargain and hand me down finds hopefully.

The room is 70 inches by 63 inches, with the baseboards.

We already scored a free car seat and stroller. It’s a deep purple so it will work for a boy or a girl… but were not sure if we will keep it. It’s pretty bulky and heavy for me and we aren't sure if we can get another base for the car seat (which is something we want, a base for each of our cars)… But we will do our research and worst case, we will have a “spare” at my mom’s for emergencies and “just in case” possibilities.

Oh ya, CANCER FREE folks. When I went in for my test, there was nothing suspicious at all for them to even think about checking!!!! Clean bill of health and my future baby feeders aren't trying to kill me!!!!


  1. I splurged and got a jogging stroller and have never regretted it. We use the stroller all the time and my 5 year old still gets in it. Don't buy a new car seat base, just get used one off of Craig's list. I found that swimming took away some of the nausea when I couldn't stand any other workout. Any word on the breast cancer scare? I've been thinking of you.

    1. CANCER FREE... nothing to worry about!!!! There was nothing to even consider testing when I got my ultra sound done.