Monday, September 29, 2014

14 Weeks

I know I'm only posting about our little South County bundle recently, but I hope to add a few more posts in as i'm feeling more normal to update you all on our finances.

We have still been eating out far too much, but i'm glad to say we are also making some good progress on operation baby nursery. 

We wanted to start price checking ceiling fans for the nook because South County Boy really wanted to put one in before painting so he's have more air circulation and a good breeze to help dry the paint, so we headed out to home depot to look around.

We ended up finding a cool unit we liked on sale that was smaller than the rest of the ones we have in our condo (an important factor when you consider how small the room is)...

We really liked this one with the primary colors on it. We got it marked down because they were out of them and we offered to buy the floor model because of the colors. We can flip the blades to white if it ends up not working out, but South County Boy really liked something he saw on pinterest a few months back because when the blades spin, you get a rainbow like affect.

$42 later and the room now has better air flow so South County boy can paint and Spackle now.It also looks like we are going to luck into a great deal on a gently used glider. Someone posted it on a Facebook group I follow so it looks like i'm going to score an $220 glider for $80. The neat thing is I sat in this at Target and thought it was comfortable the other day too. So it looks like i'll keep my eye out for a dark colored crib to match.


  1. My advice for baby furniture is to skip the changing table. They take up a lot of room and its more convenient to have something portable that you can tuck away in the living room.

    1. Our thoughts exactly!! We figure we can use our bed and get those portable ones so its a clean surface. We have been looking at these storage things that attach to the wall instead. Were thinking Crib, glider (if it works out), some shelves at the very top of the room for storage... some organizers for babies clothes and diapers.

  2. A baby changes everything, particularly with finances so it makes complete sense that almost every post from this point on will relate to the little goober.

    Can't wait to hear your experiences. I have two daughters who are starting college this year and next so I'm am about to gleefully become an empty nester. I've been through it all and can't wait to relive it through you. Especially since my entertainment budget will disappear paying for college.