Thursday, May 29, 2014

Someones in my attic

Walked into the bathroom and saw my husband's head through a new hole in my ceiling...

Apparently hubby found his way into our attic...

and i'm FINALLY getting a new bathroom vent that works!!!

Only been about 5 years since I've owned my place... and the bathroom vent was just never conquered... until now.

Why now?

When they were doing inventory at his work, they discovered a bathroom vent that was a custom order for a client. They client returned it without a refund since he didn't end up want it and so his company was going to toss it out... but decided to just give it to South County Boy instead.

A $160 bathroom vent.

Unfortunately we won't be able to use the built in heater function because our power voltage isn't high enough, but well get to re-do the bathroom switches and we can add a timer for the vent so it automatically turns off after a certain time...

It even has a night light!


  1. Quick question for you. Will be moving daughter to Salt Lake City this summer. What was the name of that thrift store you like so well? Do they have furniture, as well? Or do you know of a good place to buy used furniture--kitchen table and such.

    1. They have furniture, but it varies by location, but its called D.I. or Deseret Industries. You can look up locations online at

  2. I'm trying to make June spend as little as I can month. I have a few expenditures that'll be made but other than that I'm not spending if I can help it.

    1. That's our focus... to get my Roth caught up between this and next month since next month we have our vacation.