Wednesday, May 28, 2014

I won my diet bet!

I wasn't sure how i'd feel about an online social diet experiment but I ended up loosing 7.2 lbs and lots of inches!!!

I lost 1/2 an inch from my chest... 1/2 an inch from each of my arms, 1.75 inches from my waist, 1 inch from my hips, 1.5 inches from each of my thighs, my calf's now match up and I lost 2% body fat!!!

I find out in a few days how much money I won (they give everyone 48 hours to do their final weigh in and get it verified), but what's really cool is that I'm only half way through with the fitness challenge that's running at work so I might be able to win one of the 3 prizes there... (They are doing 3 challenges, each one has $100 on the line) Most steps, % of body fat lost and % of weight lost. I won't win the steps because some of my co-workers are just huge movers, but i'm hoping I might have a shot at the weight loss one or the body fat one.

To keep me motivated, I decided to do another diet bet, but this one is designed for you to loose 10% over 6 months and keep it off instead of 4% in a month. If I do this and win I will need to get down to 140 lbs and since my ultimate goal is 135 lbs, I'm really hoping putting $25 on the line each month will give me some motivation to keep trucking along and not give up BECAUSE I HATE the idea of LOOSING money, so it seems like a good motivator for me.

If you want to join me on the 6-month Diet Bet transformer, you can click here.

I also decided since this months budget was way shot, to get a small folding treadmill off Amazon for $200 so I can walk in my house while watching a TV show to help get in my daily steps. It will hopefully be here in a week, but this way I won't have to pace back in forth around the condo while I try to get up to 10,000 steps before I get to crawl into bed for the night. Who knows, maybe i'll up my step total to 12k or something once it gets here.

I'm up to 10 miles distance for my half marathon in August, so i'm way ahead of schedule... SCB will be starting his training "any day now."

I'm also still loving my FitBit Zip, and it was really helping me keep on track and stay on pace with the first 4% Diet Bet I did. On a side note, South County Boy has finally admitted that he doesn't use or really need his Fit Bit One... So if anyone wants to buy his, feel free to live me a comment and we can touch base via email if you want to buy a slightly used one at a discount. He likes the $20 one that goes with the Wii fit better cause his Mii can get new outfits when it reaches certain distance goals.

Anywho, the 6 month challenge is based on loosing 3% the first month, hitting a cumulative 6% the second month, 8% cumulative the 3rd month, 9% cumulative the 4th month, 10% cumulative the 5th month, and then maintain the 10% during the 6th month. Its a $25 a month buy in and half the money from each of the rounds goes to the final to give people incentive to stay in it for the long haul.


  1. Just curious but did you consider the noise the treadmill might cause for your downstairs neighbors? I had a treadmill but only used it the years I lived on the bottom floor. I would hate for you to buy it and then your neighbors complain and make you stop (if that's something they can even do, not sure how condo rules work). I think I should try one of those online diet bets. I could use the motivation for sure.

    1. Nope. I didn't think of that but i'm not planning on running on it-- just walking and its better than my stomping laps around the condo or joggin in place on the tile.


      Cause those are both things I was doing before.

  2. I would be interested in your fit do we contact each other?

    1. Please email me at In the subject mark FitBIT