Monday, May 26, 2014

Puncture Wound Update

Well, it looks like South County Boy's antibiotics did the trick. He's happily recovered from his Puncture Wound.

We got the doctor's bill in the mail for $74.09 and based off our First and Second visit this year I think we can conclude and plan on his office visits being around $74.09 for the rest of the year.

The unusually high first visit, was in fact as you all guessed, because they had to set him up in the computers and connect him with the system.

Our $105 office visit was again reduced by $30.91 for choosing an "in-network" doctor so we pay $74.09.

So we have paid $335.12 this year towards our deductible of $1,250.00

Apparently we got lucky when we selected our doctors office at random. His co-worker who has the SAME insurance picked a doctor close to where he lives and he ends up paying $300 AFTER the in-network discount to see his doctor for basic appointments.

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