Friday, May 9, 2014

A post entirely about my dog... just because

Aww, hug time!
I swear, we have the worlds perfect dog.

She came to us well behaved, trained, and with enough personality that she's a cute character that doesn't annoy us at all.

I honestly believe that she's ruining us for being future parents later in life since the acquisition of a dog is supposed to help train you to be responsible and all. But she doesn't require much from us at all.

Roxy dances with us in the house... cuddles with my shoes... and stays beside me like "man's best friend" when i'm home all day.

She even knows when I'm done petting her and when she needs to go lay down and leave me alone so I can blog.

When we take her down to the park she becomes the adorable pup that everyone wants to meet... literally the iconic "look mommy, there's a doggie" type of dog.

(Mind you she won't play fetch and she has to stop barking like a crazy dog first before people can see her cuteness... so she's generally more adorable by lap 2 in the park when she's more comfortable and has confirmed that no one will in fact eat her... but in my mind she's perfect).

(Yup, I'm "That" proud dog owner... but what can I say... Rescues make the best pets!)

Anyways, everyone down at the park always asks us how we keep her so "white" and "fluffy" and "soft" which naturally leads to the question of how frequently we take her to the groomers...

But we don't take her to the groomers. For the most part she just stays that way - Soft and Fluffy - But about every other month or so she starts to smell a little more like dog then we prefer.

Since Roxy really likes us... she often visits us when we are in the bathroom. It doesn't matter if its toilet time or a relaxing bath, she comes right on in and wags her little nub of a tail and demands affection and attention.

She'll even put her paws up on the side of the tub and reach in as far as she can so lick our faces when she's gotten all the water off our arm that she can reach... so in those moments we just pick her up and drop her in the tub with us.

Yup. It's that simple for us.

We just pick her up and place her in the nice warm water.

Now she won't climb in on her own mind you... but she doesn't try to jump out and run away from us either. She just stands there and takes it. If the water level is low enough, she'll sit down and wait until we tell her she can get out and get her towel rub down... and then she just walks over to me and lets me towel dry her off.


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