Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Birthday Mystery Gift

SCB turned 28 this year! Woo Hoo! We ended up celebrating a bit early this month because his work is starting "inventory" season a few days before his birthday and that means longer hours and a very tired hubby... and I wanted him to enjoy his birthday and get to "use" his present before he turned into a blob of exhausted man.

I also really wanted to surprise him for his birthday... which never really happens because we both get too excited to keep secrets from each other for long. Our guilty faces are a dead give-away and the prying inquisitions normally make us cave by mid day...  but I really wanted to try. This year was the year to go big or go home because I wanted to surprise him with a Wii U Bundle.

Now SCB has been saving his pocket money up to get  a Wii U and all he had asked for his birthday was some My Little Pony figurines (he is a Brony folks...) so he had something to open still & asked me to put the rest of the money I would have spent on his birthday in the Wii U bucket... because that's how badly he wanted one but he knew that he'd have to wait a few months before we could get one, especially in light of the $918.08 we spent to repair the car this month. 

So when we were out shopping, I got him some pony gifts. He knew what they all were since he was with me when we went shopping so I waited to wrap them for a few days so he wouldn't be suspicious if say more packages appeared wrapped in the birthday pile. He would just assume I wrapped them funny so he didn't know what he was opening until he opened it.

Now we have free 2 day shipping from Amazon because our brother-in-law has an account and you can give the account to a few households as apart of the deal, so he shares it with us... this my friends was the only way I was able to pull this whole deal off. 

I had been doing the math all weekend long and I figured if I took the money from the Wii U bucket, added in all our birthday savings money, and the $122 leftover from SCB's last paycheck after the car fiasco I could do it.... It was going to have to be a combined family gift for both of our birthdays in the end, but since my birthday is just around the corner and SCB already told me that I get to plant my garden next month as a non-birthday present, I decided that in addition to getting him the things he wanted, I'd get Wii U fit for me and call it a communal birthday present since i'd be wiping out all our birthday savings.  

I was able to order the really nice Wii U with the Mario and Luigi combo games and that funky large screen remote package thingy... & I picked up Wii U Party since it came with a second Wii U-remote and I also ordered a Wii classic - Sports Resort since you can play older games on the new model.... Then I added the Wii U Balance board combo with the game and the little step counter which I knew was more for me than for him, but I needed him to have that to unwrap to confuse him all the more.

I timed the order correctly so the items would be delivered on Tuesday and Wednesday since I beat the mail man home since I get off early in the afternoon. Roxy and I waited and hunted him down and collected the package, wrapped the items and then hid them. I made sure to dispose of the boxes in the dumpster the farthest away from our house so he wouldn't see the shipping labels and I changed the password for our Amazon account and my hotmail email account because SCB likes to cheat.

I took all his "pony gifts" and wrapped them individually and put them in a brown paper bag that I stapled shut... i also made sure to put the Wii U party and the Wii Sports Resorts in the brown bag so he couldn't "see them."

Then I took the Wii U Fit and wrapped it and then covered it in duct tape and posted this on facebook:

I wrapped the Wii U game console and hid it in the cabinet in the kitchen behind the reusable bags next to our water storage since SCB never goes in the cupboard because he hates the reusable bags that always falls out.  

When he got home from work I did my best to feed him lies about his presents and had him going in all different directions. He commented that the duct-tape box oddly looked the shape of a Wii U fit board but I told him I fished it out of the dumpster and used some can goods to weigh it down so he couldn't guess how heavy it was and shouldn't shake it. When he mentioned how he thought a Wii U could fit in the oddly shaped box if I took everything out of the original packaging, I just put this disappointed look on my face, sat him down and lied directly to his face and told him I didn't get him a Wii U and that he better get that idea out of his head because I was not going to have him be disappointed on his birthday when he didn't get one...

Worked like a charm. 

Later in the week I let it "slip" that I was surprised to find it in a "store" since it hadn't been stocked for awhile to further confuse him... 

Everything was going great until Easter... 

On Easter he realized the Wii U bucket was empty because he got a My Little Pony Bank as his Easter present and went to put all the money from the bucket into his new bank and only found a few coins..

**Face Palm**

I told him I deposited the money in our bank account so I didn't have to transfer $150 from our savings, wait a few days for it to switch banks, and then go pull it out in cash to put in the bucket for a few months to again have to deposit it to buy the thing online so we could get the bundle he wanted... He complained for a few minutes about needing to see the money in the bucket to know it was going towards the Wii U so I told him i'd got take the money out of the bank on Monday and put it back in the bucket... 

Then he went to have breakfast in the kitchen. The Wii U was again wrapped and hiding in the water cabinet with the reusable bags... there was a reusable bag on the table from my lunch on Saturday... facing me he opened the cabinet and I saw his present... he was going to shove the bag in there and turn around but i pulled it from his grasp and told him it went on a hook because it was a lunch bag and not a grocery bag and he let the cabinet door slip from his fingers without turning around...

The Wii- U was safe for the moment...

But my nerves were shot...  Later that morning I caved and we celebrated his birthday.

Men (and Brony's) don't use their hands to
unwrap presents wrapped in Pony
Birthday Paper... They use their teeth.

And then struggle when they can't get
the paper out of their mouths because
its cheaply made...

I made sure to hand him his "brony" presents one by one
from the bag so he couldn't see the extra ones in there.

After a few pony presents, I went to fool
him by handing him a boxed present.

"Is it ticking?" 

Wait... its from Amazon... could it be???
Nope...  She's just tricking me.

BUT SCORE... Awesome Pony Towel/Cape!

His reaction after unwrapping the first
mystery item... a Wii game...???

Then he started to unwrap the last item from
the brown paper bag....

More confusion as he hold a Wii U game and
remote combo package...

Goes to get a knife to tackle the duct tape on
the "mystery package."

Excitement mounds for the duct tape package

Slice & pull....

HUH???? But u said it wasn't a Wii Fit U...
and why would you buy this if we couldn't
use it yet???
At this point I told him about this morning and the "incident" over breakfast... and where he could find his last birthday present.

The "you're the best wife ever" look.

Oh man... oh man... it is... it is....


Then I/we made burgers & tried my homemade buns while we waited for the Wii-U to get hooked up so we could make Mii's and play a few rounds on the system. The buns were really good and well sized for the burgers.

I made sure to inform him that the Wii U fit was mostly for me... but it was necessary for his overall surprise and to throw off the scent so to speak.

He looked a little relieved that he wasn't expected to "match" my level of surprise this year. He's always worried I won't like something so he tends to run everything by me ahead of time. So he promised I could still have my garden and do a little house decorating and my awesome Apron from Etsy will be arriving shortly since I wanted a cook apron to cook and bake with  :)

I'm glad we celebrated early because it took a while to set up everything and we learned the other day that if I want to see my husband at all on my birthday (May 8th), i'd have to volunteer to help with pre-inventory counting at his work till 9 pm at night because inventory prep starts the 2 days before his birthday and doesn't end until the day after mine.

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