Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Locked out of the house

Yup. Locked myself out of the house... again.

It was my day off I had just made myself a smoothie and was in my PJ's still as I had been cleaning the house most of the morning and had made some real progress.

All I wanted to do was take the trash out. Since Roxy was keeping me company as my cleaning buddy, she followed behind me when I grabbed the kitchen trash bin and some random costco boxes and headed out the front door. I didn't have my house keys with me since I was just going to the dumpster...  but I forgot something important.

Our new door locks can turn from the inside like they are unlocked, but be locked on the outside...

and I normally check before I close the door behind me that the door is in fact unlocked... and this time I guess I forgot to check as Roxy headed down the stairs to go woof at a neighbor and roll in the grass.

We dropped off the trash and headed back to the house. Roxy didn't have her collar on because she had gotten a bath the day before and we forgot to put in on her... and we normally keep a spare set of keys with her leash so we don't have to worry about getting locked out... So yes, she wasn't on a leash when I took the trash out because she didn't have her collar on....

When we got back to the door and I found it was locked I knew we were in a pickle. My car wasn't in the lot because SCB had taken it to work since his was in the shop... and even if I had my car, I didn't have keys...

My phone was inside... & did I mention my cute dog didn't have a leash or a collar on... ????

So I did what any sane pj wearing gal would do. I walked up to a stranger who *thankfully* was on their balcony watering some plants and asked to borrow her phone while Roxy woofed at her in the grass behind me.  Thankfully she was more than happy to let me call the only phone number that I have memorized... My mom's house number... and by the grace of all things awesome, she picked up.

We sat on the stairs of my place and waited for our ride. I figured if I could get a hold of SCB he could bring me keys or we could go with my mom and steal his... so we waited.

Roxy was thrilled to get so much petting and attention from me while we waited for my mom to come over and rescue us.... and the neighbor was playing so nice music and I got to watch a woodpecker go at a tree and a few birds hung out to keep us company so it wasn't that bad. 15 minuets later my mom showed up and took us over to her house so I could use her internet to look up SCB's work number. I gave him a call and we arranged for my mom, Roxy and I to drive over to take his keys from him...

Why didn't I call a friend... or get a spare from my mom? Because it was 11am on a Monday morning and since we got our new house keys, we haven't given copies to our friends and people yet.... because we are slackers...

So we drove down to San Clemente, in my PJ's I walked into his work and got his keys... Roxy got a dog treat from his co-worker and we were off on our merry way.

We also stopped by the Rainbow Sandal Outlet store and in my PJ's I picked up a pair for both SCB and I for our birthdays from my mom who stayed in the car with Roxy and the AC. (I'm glad my PJ's consisted of some long pants and a tee the night before since they were on display to the world.)

Keys and new shoes in hand, my mom dropped us off at our place and I went in and put our trash can away... my smoothie was still good so I finished that up and got on with my day.

After work we joked about adding a key to Roxy's collar but after 2 minutes it was clear she didn't like it... so we called our friends from church that live about 10-15 minutes away on foot and asked if we could hide our house keys in their backyard in case it happens again and they agreed. So next time I lock myself out, I just have to go across the park to the next neighborhood over and get my house keys.


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  2. What an inconvenience! Well, at least Roxy got some treats, care of SCB’s co-workers. I think it's a clever idea to attach the spare copy on your dog’s collar, though too bad she didn’t have them on back then. Well, lucky for you that your neighbor was out there to help you. Have a nice day!

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  3. Most of us have been locked out of the house at least once, and it sucks. I still remember the feeling I got, the second I realized what happened. In most of my cases, (yes, more than one occasion!) I had to crawl through my own window. How degrading. But a good way to find the flaws in your security.