Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Groceries in April

Happy April everyone. We had a bit of a funny month. I'm proud to day we only tossed out 2 pairs and 2 artichokes this month produce wise, which is definitely a step in the right direction for us!

We also didn't spend the full $300 on groceries... but not because we didn't want to... we had some other expenses come up that i'll mention in our monthly spending post so we closed the budget early and used the extra few dollars of our groceries to cover the rest of the unexpected spending that came up.

but on to food!


It seems to be routine almost now. We pick up some yogurt, milk, and cheese throughout the month. I was excited to see the yogurt go on sale, so that was nice... but i'm also getting a little tired of smoothies so we may see it start to decline in May... but then again if it gets hot,  who knows. The cream cheese was for "love pie" for SCB. So this month we spent $57.81 on Dairy and in March $59.45... so pretty consistent here.


Everything was Organic minus the 2 pears I bought that I just threw away because they sucked. No flavor... just horrible and I have no regrets about tossing them out. The watermelon was a fun treat because we haven't seen it all winter long and it was tasty no doubt. I'm hoping they will stock up on different melons soon cause I have a hankering for tasty. This will also be the last month we get our Organic unfiltered apple juice because Costco is not selling it anymore. $47.70 on fruit this month instead of $30.87 last month.


No, we didn't eat 10 lbs of carrots... most are still hanging out in the fridge, but since we have been buying Organic, they last so much longer and are cheaper in the huge bag from Costco ($4 for 5 lbs or 10 lbs for $4.79... doesn't take a genius to figure that one out) so we "re-stocked" since they make great snacks to dip in a little peanut butter, or our onion dip... or just roasted with potatoes... or steamed with other veggies.

I was also happy to find Organic Canned corn!!! It's now the only thing I buy and Fresh & Easy anymore... but I found it and that makes me happy. I wanted to start buying limes instead of lime juice but something must be up because limes have skyrocketed in price so we are going to wait until it comes back down. (Mango's aren't a veggie... looks like I put them in the wrong table... but none have matched up in flavor to the first amazing mango I ate so I probably won't buy them for a while again).

All and all, about $48 this month versus $66 last month.


I got SCB to abandon cereal... but he's taken to devouring the granola instead... I might have to try to make my own... he's eating a double Costco sized box a week!!! But i'm glad he's eating that instead of cereal... less sugar and better for him... and i'm gotten him to slow down a little on the goldfish. Things should get better with the goldfish once he stops driving so much at work. (His boss is going to be hiring a new driver so he'll move from driver/warehouse to warehouse/sales and he only eats the goldfish when he drives to keep him awake).  $46.45 spent this month, $42.08 last month.


Pretty Simple here. We picked up the ground beef at Costco and used it to make burgers for the freezer and some meat balls for dinner one night... then just eggs and a roast... The rest of our meat and fish we ate came out of the freezer. $32.32 for April, $16.16 for March...


Less money than last month, but more "junk" because SCB came to the store with me more than usual since my work schedule changed... the Yogurt covered raisins and butter toffee peanuts happened because "sprouts" does not have free samples like Costco... plus lots of random baking items we don't normally have in the house for his "love pie" I made for General Conference that he requested again for his birthday. That and the mystery item I couldn't figure out from the receipt what it was. So $34.46 for Pantry items instead of $53.58 last month...

We also didn't buy any house items because of all the other stuff we had to get this month... After we saved a quarter by bringing our own bags to sprouts, we spent $266.94 on food and groceries :)

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