Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Computer has a fan?

 Who cannot forget this epic picture of our PC from our post "We're REALLY trying hard not to spend money?" 

Back when we weren't sure how we were going to be able to max out our Roth IRA for SCB before the April 15th deadline, we were trying really hard to stick to our budget. We had already spent our discretionary money for the month when our Computer fan crapped out on us.

Hubs took the frame off our computer and used one of our larger house fans to keep it going while we waited for a new budget to roll around.

While we were out in Utah, SCB's brother happened to have an extra CPU fan laying around since he works on computers and internet networks for BYU and also does contract work on the side for a few friends from time to time.

When we got back from Vacation, we ordered a second fan off of Amazon, so now our computer looks like this:

Where's the front cover? That's a great question. SCB doesn't want to put it back on because when its on, the power button is kind of wonky and doesn't want to turn on when you press it.. so instead he has decided to cover the front of the unit with blue tape. It's not painters tape and its not duct tape... but its a tape that's somewhere in between the two... 

But at least we have our house fan back, right?

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