Wednesday, February 19, 2014

We are trying really hard not to over spend...

We are trying really hard not to overspend this month.


That over there is our computer.

The only computer we have...

and it doesn't look pretty.

The other day the computer started to randomly shut off on us. There was no rhyme or reason to it. One minute i'd be blogging, the next the screen would turn off and i'd hear the horrible sounds of work being automatically lost as the CPU shutdown.

Since South County Boy is somewhat computer savvy, he built the computer from scratch a few years ago with his brother who is even more tech savvy then he is.... So since he knew what he was doing, he went ahead and took the thing apart. After a bit of cleaning he figured out why it kept shutting off on us. The fan blew out and was no longer cooling the system.

What irks me the most is just last year in February of 2013 we spent $300 on new computer parts... including a new LARGE fan for the computer... and now its broken.... 1 year later.

So for the time being, SCB took the cover off it and we are putting our large and in charge house fan right up against the computer. If the computer is on, so is the HUGE fan. Now considering how the computer is how we watch TV, Blog, and practically do everything, this you would say is kind of a fix it priority.

The only problem is we have already spend our discretionary money for the month because $92 went to paying for our taxes to get done and earlier this month I finally told SCB that he could get a pair of Sunday Church sandals (he hates shoes), a few odds and ends and Valentines day.... its basically gone.

So the computer will have to wait until next month along with running shoes for SCB. As I sit here typing this i'm covered with goosebumps because its cold out this morning and I wasn't thinking when I decided I wanted to have a smoothie for breakfast.

So here's to crossing our fingers that our makeshift solution will keep it running until next month.

Oh the things we do to keep our budget in tact...

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