Monday, February 24, 2014

Sick Sick Sick

We have been down and out the past few days with runny noses and headaches my friends... I'm not sure how many snotty tissues Roxy tried to eat over the last few days (I know she tore up one for sure)... but I'm glad to say we are on the mend now and feeling back to normal for the most part.

After a perfect month of not wasting food, this month alone I've already pitched 4 artichokes, a head of lettuce, & 3 potatoes. While it was only $1.50 from this months budget (the artichokes and potatoes were bought last month), in total it was around $9... I'm not sure if we pitched anything else... I just can't remember since its been a little foggy the past couple days.

I can blame some of the tossed produce on us being sick. South County Boy was sick one week so we didn't cook much of what we planned... and then I got sick the next week which meant he was all over the $5 pizza route and getting me take out (because when i'm sick, I CRAVE pick up stix)...

If i'm being honest, on days where we weren't ill, we also didn't really following our meal plan... we were just a bunch of lazy bums. So I know we spent more than we planned on eating out this month especially with valentines day (I had to work so he brought me dinner), but we're still in line with the budget for the most part because other areas ended up with a little extra padding.

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