Monday, March 24, 2014

Road Trip part 1

So back when I was investigating the Church (you can read about that story here), we met this really awesome missionary who became more of a friend to us than anything else. On his insistence, I became friends with his girlfriend through Facebook, then his mom.... then his grandma... 

He was there when I was baptized, we had him and his companion over for Thanksgiving and later watched him Skype with his parents at Christmas time. 

We visited Utah and met up with his girlfriend in person and South County Boy relished the moment when he tortured him with pictures of his real life and missionary life clashing. Heck, SCB would even text his girlfriend while he was at our condo just hoping that she'd respond back while he was over at our house so he could tease him.    

When he left our area like missionaries eventually do, he later got transferred over to the singles ward and since our home was again in the boundaries, we had him and his companion over for dinner once more. 

When our Sealing was announced we got word to him through our current missionaries and he got special permission to come and be there. Before he left to go home for good,we got the privilege of going to the temple with him and his grandparents (they arranged it with the Mission President since they were only an hour or two north from us and wanted to see him state side).

So needless to say, we became pretty good friends over the course of the year we knew him. 

When he went home back in November, he got engaged to his girlfriend and we were very honored to get a wedding invite to help celebrate their occasion! Since they were getting Sealed (Married) out in Utah near SCB's family, we road tripped and crashed with family nearby.

While it was a short trip and we wished we could have stayed longer, it was wonderful. 
Mount Timpanogos Temple in Utah.
Check out that moon, its just as bright as the temple, right? 
We ran some errands the first day or so we where there. While we were out picking up a few things at a Church Bookstore, we bumped into his soon to be wife and asked/got invited to go to the temple with them the night before for her endowment ceremony. We had already planned to go to a temple either that night or Saturday morning before my sister-in-law's baby blessing, so it was perfect timing.   

Me outside of the Draper Temple in Utah.
Having fun while waiting for the bride and
groom to make their grand appearance. 
The next morning we attended their sealing at the Draper temple in Utah. I hadn't been to that temple either and it was such a pretty and wonderful ceremony. I think I was nearly as happy to see them get married then I was when SCB and I were sealed together back in August. We waited outside the temple and walked around the grounds with family and friends while they changed for their grand exit. 

The temple was back in the mountains and had some really pretty views, but nothing was as excited as seeing the happy couple come out!

Later that night we met up with them for the reception with the rest of their friends and family. It was my first full Mormon wedding and it sure set the bar for what I hope SCB and my future kiddos will want to have one day.

It was like other weddings I've attended with dinner, dancing, flower and guarder toss, cake smashing.... but it was also really mellow and everyone goofed off and had a great time.

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